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Devon Boreholes Water Treatment
Devon Boreholes Water Treatment
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Devon Water Boreholes

The advantages of having your own borehole

Boreholes are the modern descendant of the centuries old technology behind wells. However, boreholes are far narrower, as well as being less intrusive to the landscape and much easier to maintain.

As an alternative to mains supply, if your land is suitable for the use of a water borehole it can supply you with your own private water supply. You are then totally free use this in your home as a source of incredibly pure water supply, Alternatively you may want it as a water supply for your garden or for farm irrigation.

Whichever the reasons for you to choose to get a borehole for your water supply, you will not get any more supply bills from the water company. Not to mention the purity of the water your borehole will give you. The water that is drawn from boreholes comes from the into the water table. To get to the water table, it will have flowed through several layers of rock, especially chalk. This acts as an incredibly effective series of natural filters. This results in water for your home that is far cleaner and purer than the usual quality of water supplied by the water companies. You can ask anyone who has had to look carefully at both their supply and an analysis of the mains water.

Every day, on average, in the UK each person will use around 150 litres of water. This is through drinking, cooking, washing, laundry, gardening, cleaning. It is legally permitted to extract 20,000 litres of water from any borehole every day, without needing any permissions or licenses. This is enough to draw a years supply of water for the average foor bedroomed house in just ten days (200 cubic metres of water).

Your own borehole will supply you with water all year round, totally independent of any problems with mains water or hosepipes bans. You can have your mains supply turned off as soon as a borehole is drilled and equipped. So no more costly water bills.

Over the longer term you borehole will offer a significant benefit to the wider environment (less dependancy on resevoirs) and forms a positive selling point, increasing the value of your home should you ever come to sell. This point is reinforced by the rapidly growing number of property developers and house builders choosing to install boreholes.

Well Conversion

If you are lucky enough to own a property which has a well, especially one that is no longer working, then get in touch with us. We can discuss with you the possibility of renewing the well. This again allows you to benefit directly from your own water supply, drawn directly from your land.


Devon Boreholes

Devon Borehole specialist

Geologic Boreholes can supply you with your own, independant water supply.

Devon Bore Holes

Geologic Boreholes and Systems are committed to the highest quality in customer service.

"The work was done quickly and with very little mess - if it wasn't for the fact I can now pump water from my own well, you'd hardly know they've been there. I would wholeheartedly recommend Geologic to anyone seeking similar work to be completed.” - I Lower. Taunton.

Geological Boreholes are specialists in the drilling and equipping of boreholes and work across Devon and Cornwall.

Devon Borehole Specialists Accredited members of the British Drilling Association
Devon Boreholes Water Treatment
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