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In the local Devon area there are many Garage Door Specialists on hand to offer help and advice on choosing the right garage door for your needs.

There are several different types of garage doors on offer when you go shopping for the right door for your garage. The oldest type of door is the wooden door. Although wood makes a great insulator, this material doesn’t always stand up well to the wear and tears of the harsh winter weather. The outside protective coating on the door washes off after a while and you have to restain or repaint the door on a regular basis. Wood holds moisture from the rain and snow and therefore gets heavier over time. This extra weight may cause problems with the garage door opener and may also make it difficult for you to open the door yourself. 

The doors for garages that are made form steel are made in panels of galvanized steel in the same manner as the hinged wooden doors. These panels fold together as the door opens upward. Steel is not as good an insulator as wood, so double panels are used and the space between them is filled with insulation. This enables you to have better heat is the garage, especially if it is attached to the house. If you do not need to have the garage heated, then you would only need a single panel in the steel door.  

The manufacturers of doors for garages are now making use of composite materials that stand up better to the weather and are less expensive that steel doors. They are also available in more designs that fit with the décor of your house, so you can have a door that looks to be wooden when it actually isn’t. The wood is combined with resin to make it more durable. Vinyl doors are also popular in garages, especially in homes that have vinyl siding on the exterior. The door can be the same colour as the siding and accentuate the outside of the home. This is also popular because it is not only more durable, but is also dent resistant.

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Door Garage Devon
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Garage Door Devon
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