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Devon Locksmith
Security & Locksmith
Exeter • Tiverton
Tel.   01392 420350
or   01884 242623
Locksmith Devon
Locksmiths Devon
01548 895515
Key Cutting

Devon Locksmiths

Locked out of your car? Lost the keys to your van?
Devon Vehicle Locksmiths

Devon Locksmith
Locksmiths Devon

Devon Locksmiths give a detailed overview behind the art of Locksmithing.

Sometimes a professional locksmith service is needed when you get locked out of your home or vehicle. Often it can be solved with a set of spare keys that you or someone you know has; however if there are no spare keys that you can access you may need to call a local Devon locksmith. A locksmith can help you gain entry into your vehicle or home and if the keys were not locked inside they can even help create new keys or replace your current locks.

Locksmiths offer a range of services including the installation and repairing of your current locks as well as providing other security solutions for your home such as vaults, safes and intruder alarms. When it comes to security systems locksmiths will not only help you install the devices but will also make sure they are maintained meaning your business is constantly protected. With a professional locksmiths knowledge and experience they will ensure you have the best protection for your home in the quickest space of time. Locks can be used to protect numerous parts of your property and in recent years locks have advanced dramatically meaning you can be more secure than ever.

There are highly skilled and qualified locksmiths in the Devon area who are always ready and willing to help you with any troubles you may have. Locksmiths can help ensure you have the latest in lock design meaning you have the best protection for your home. With a professional locksmith you can even have your locks service, which can often include electronic locks. Many locksmiths even branch off to provide numerous access control systems in order to offer you maximum protection for your home and your family. Our Devon locksmiths can offer domestic and commercial locksmithing services.

When it comes to judging the quality of a locksmith it is generally best to look at certifications given via locksmith associations and security manufacturers. Locksmiths also offer a range of physical security solutions, including burglary repair, and garage security. Physical security can help ensure that anyone who tries to access your property without permission is prevented by a physical barrier, which are designed to even prevent those using tools to access your home.

Our professional Devon locksmiths can provide you with a 24 hour call out service meaning whatever time of day there is someone there for you.

Devon Locksmiths
Devon Locksmiths
Locksmiths Devon
Locksmithing Devon
Devon Locksmithing

Devon Locksmiths

Find a Reliable Locksmith...

Everyone knows someone, or has done it themselves at some point where you will find yourself locked out of your car, home or business because you forgot to grab your keys on the way out, or the lock has failed this is when you need to call a reliable locksmith in your local area.

There are a large choice of locksmith companies and companies that provide lock services throughout Devon but which one should you choose and will best fit the job? Locksmiths can offer a wide range of tasks to assist your needs, one of the most called for service is enabling you into a car or building when you have locked yourself out. Locksmiths are also a good choice to contact when you want all the locks in your home to work under a single key or to be changed for security reasons.

All the Locksmith companies that advertise with us offer a reliable and professional service but it is always best to check the reputation of locksmiths you don't know of. It is a good idea to check out a locksmiths website not only to make sure they offer the service you require but that they trustworthy.

Fees will differ depending on the service you require, it may also change if you are calling for an emergency purpose. In this case you may be charged an extra fee for calling in the middle of the night.

Devon Locksmiths
Devon Locksmiths
Devon Locksmiths
Devon Locksmiths

locksmith devon

Who has keys to your home?

Imagine you’re moving into your brand new home, busy taking your boxed goodies inside and thinking of all the things you need to do. Painting, cleaning, quote for double glazing windows may all be top of your list, but what about getting your locks changed? It seems like such a trivial thing and easily overlooked, but did you know that if someone uses a key to break in to your home an insurance company can legitimately decline any claim you make. Most insurance policies state that a homeowner is responsible for taking whatever steps are reasonable to ensure the security of the insured property.

Think now how many people realistically could have a key to your house? The previous owners, estate agents, family, neighbours, and anyone who may have been given your front door key just for a matter of minutes in an emergency. All the time it takes to go to a locksmith and get a copy made. It is in fact quite possible that the previous owners didn't even have the locks changed when they moved in. This means the occupants before them and anyone they may have given keys to could still just walk into your home anytime.

Another little known fact is the odds of being burgled is doubled during the first year that you live in a new home compared to the national average. The Association of Chief Police Officers recommend that the locks be changed when you move as soon as possible, preferably before you have even unpacked your belongings. Picture this, if you are burgled, this is the absolute worst time it could happen. Your worldly possessions are boxed up ready to be taken easily and swiftly out of your home by a burglar.

  devon locksmith
Devon Locksmiths
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