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Caravan Storage Tips From Devon Move, Caravan and Boat Storage Specialists

Devon Move have years of experience of caravan and boat storage at sites in Newton Abbot, Torquay, Ipplepen,  Paignton, Plymouth, St Austell and Barnstaple.

Storing your caravan correctly is a must especially in harsh winter conditions. Do it right and your Easter start-up will be fine. Get it wrong and you are in for a torrid start to your touring.

1. Drainage: All onboard pipes and water systems should be drained completely of water.
The only alternative to this rule is when your caravan dealer and/or heating appliance manufacturer advises against it. We recommend always draining and leaving the plugs out during winter - but remember where you stored them!

2. Wheels: It's a good idea to place your caravan on axle stands, thus removing the weight from the suspension and giving it a rest. More importantly, it takes the weight off the road tyres and therefore alleviating the flat spot, wall damage and possible tyre renewal in the New Year. Don't leave the caravan on the corner stands.

3.Interior: It's a good idea to remove bedding etc. during the winter months, and remember the seating and upholstery need air in order to stop them getting damp and musty.

It is also advisable to keep the fridge door ajar for the same reason. A good idea on a fine day is to open the caravan and stand the upholstery on end, leaving the door ajar for a couple of hours. This way you can check for any damp spots at the same time. Leave the curtains open because it helps to air the caravan.

4.Electrics: Don't just disconnect the wiring relay and let it hang there during the winter months. Simply spray the unit in a good preservative and then seal with a plastic bag by wrapping or tying the end.

This should stop any rust forming and short circuits but give it another spray and check the contacts before use.

5.Coverage: Do not cover your caravan in order to keep the weather out. Condensation and mould growth becomes a problem and the exterior may get scratched.

6. Winter Security: Lock the coupling head into a cover with a hitch lock if possible. If your caravan is not on stands for the winter, consider using lock nuts on the caravan wheels. If you can, use wheel clamps - everyone knows how well they can keep a vehicle stationary!

7. Gas cylinders are always an inviting target to a thief.
Padlock them to the fixing bracket on older caravans so they can't be removed and keep gas compartments locked on newer models.

8. Fit an alarm. You can get one from any DIY store. Fit a time switch. If you're out after dark, lights on in your caravan will make it look occupied and can deter opportunist thieves.

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Caravan Storage Devon
Caravan and Boat Storage Devon
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Caravan Storage Devon
Devon Caravan Storage
Boat Storage Devon
Devon Boat Caravan Storage
Caravan and Boat Storage Devon
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