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Refreshing Designer colours from Farrell & Ball on painted pine furniture
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Bespoke Furniture Devon

Furniture Design Devon

Devon Bespoke Furniture Designer, Samuel F Walsh, Devon gives a detailed overview of the options available when choosing to have bespoke furniture made for your home.

As a bespoke cabinet and furniture maker, Samuel F Walsh is invariably concerned with how pieces of furniture are constructed.

What goes on inside them, how the joints fit, how the drawers run, how it pulls together in a glue-up.

He is concerned with what goes on inside the piece of furniture, how will the piece stand the test of time, its integrity, it wholeness.

Yet someone looking at your piece for the first time will be concerned with none of these things.

They will invariably be concerned with the surface. It is the surface of the piece of furniture by which we make initial judgements.

The top few suggestions are paramount in creating an initial impression. Of course first impressions are not everything but we all want to make a good first impression.

The surface is special and a high polish or shine makes it even more special. We view a polished surface either consciously or unconsciously as somehow more important more cherished and our feelings about the entire object are coloured by these associations.

Associations that this surface has been hand rubbed, burnished, given unnecessary loving care. The shine glitters and catches the eye, displaying the forms and variations within that surface to advantage. Mouldings are highlighted by the shine.

At once spinning along a bright edge creating a visual high note - you feel good about a shiny surface. It implies something out of the common, something of special significance, it's not just dull and dark and dreary. But bright and glittery.


Our judgements and assumptions about the object are invariably visual judgements about the quality of surface that may or may not be confirmed by touching the surface. Certainly a jagged edge could be seen and set alarm bells ringing. Equally we see a surface that we perceive to be smooth but we touch it to find unseen irregularities, little bumps and hollows, little scratchy surfaces. What we are hoping to find is a consistency, a surface that tells us what this piece is like and a piece that is exactly like the advance promotion work has suggested.

Cabinet Maker Devon

Touch is a paramount secondary quality of surface. What we touch helps to confirm what we see. Our fingers glide over the surface and make confirmatory judgements as to what we have seen. Does the smoothness feel good? This is sensual participation in the piece in the best possible way. Next comes smell. Does the smell of cedar coming from inside the drawers contribute to what you believe this piece was going to be or does the inside of that cabinet smell like a local car body repair shop.

Lets consider your material. Burrs and quality veneers can give an intense depth and surface complexity to the piece. Is it appropriate to the design, if you are for example creating a piece which incorporated a look and feel of massive solid wood surfaces then your inlaid burr panels would be working against your original intention. Your surface should in some way confirm what goes on underneath it.

Cabinet Maker Devon

Furniture Devon Bespoke
Bespoke Design Devon

Furniture Devon Design
Devon Furniture Design
Devon Bespoke Furniture

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Furniture Devon

Call Samuel F Walsh Furniture now on 0800 587 3236 for all enquiries and to book a free design consultation or visit his website by clicking here.

Devon Flooring Tile and Pine
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Devon Furniture Design  
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Devon Flooring Tile and Pine
Refreshing Designer colours from Farrell & Ball on painted pine furniture
Ottery St Mary
Tel. 01404 811133
Devon Furniture Design
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