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Devon Memorials
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Devon Memorials House Signs
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  Devon Stone Masons  

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When you come to select a gravestone or other memorial it is important to bear in mind that many cemeteries and church garveyards have regulations and requirements covering what kinds of memorials, inscriptions and ornamentation they will permit.

These rules can vary dramatically from one to another and should be checked before you choose a memorial. As a NAMM member, we can advise you regarding any restrictions across Tavistock, Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Ashburton, Teignbridge, South Hams, Exmouth and Sidmouth.

Devon Monumental Masons

Crematoriums often have special areas which are set aside for the burial of ashes. These areas will occasionally have one single memorial to commemorate all who are buried nearby. Others will allow individual headstones or mounted plaques over individual plots. We can also advise you on these regulations.

Permission may be needed before a gravestone is erected in a churchyard or cemetery. We can arrange this for you.

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Devon Gravestones

Contact Williams and Triggs for expert, discreet service in supply, installation and maintenance of stone memorials and gravestones, across Devon.


Devon Headstones

Selecting a head stone or some other memorial for a lost loved one can be difficult. Obviously, it is a decision to make during a time when you are often thinking about other things, but still a choice that needs care and consideration. Your local monumental mason will be able to help you make this decision and will understand the difficulty of the situation you are in.

The first step would be contacting monumental mason. Often you will be put in touch with a headstone specialist by the funeral director, but you might want to consider finding one independantly. It is recommended that you speak to the monumental mason in person, looking through their selection of designs and materials. Meeting in person means that you can physically see samples of the granite or marble for the headstone, and view the actual size and design.

There are a wide selection of colours available for headstones even if you are selecting granite (the most popular stone for headstones) from various shades of grey, through black, to blues, reds, or greens. You may opt for marble instead. Headstones are usually available in standard designs, but entirely custom designs can be made up. Do bear in mind that many church yards and cemeteries set clearly defined restrictions on headstone sizes, and some may have other rules on permitted designs. A Devon monumental mason would be aware of these and be able to advise you in choosing a headstone that meets this regulations. They will also be able to explain any charges levied by churchyards or cemeteries for headstones.

The next decision you need to make is for the inscription on the headstone. Again your monumental mason will be able to guide you in this and the final wording will be drawn up on a paper design of the headstone for your approval before being carved onto the stone. Once you have confirmed the design and inscription you will be given a completion date for the headstone. This can be four to six weeks, but it can vary depending on the design.

Obviously, once the headstone is finished, you will need to check that it is correct. If there is any difference between the finished stone and the agreed design the mason will correct this for free, but you should check and immediately inform them of any problems.

Pictures from Williams and Triggs, Devon Headstone specialists, monumental masons and makers of bespoke slate house signs.

Devon Memorials Stone

Devon Memorials and Plaques, made from Granite, Marble & Slate House Signs available from various Devon monumental masons. Follow the links above for our featured specialists in this field.

Homeowners across the country spend a lot of time and effort on the look of their home and garden. Let everyone know who lives there with one of our house plaques or signs. Take pride in your house; set it apart from all the rest.

House signs and plaques are available engraved with any text or style, including your family name, address, or logo using either Granite, Marble or Slate.

You can have a custom made image or one of your own. Each of our house signs and plaques can be custom made to fit your unique needs.

Our house signs are made of stones that are randomly shaped to give each one their own unique style. The signs and plaques are carved into the flat face of the stone and are heavy enough that they aren’t going to blow away in the wind. For mounting purposes, we can drill small holes in your granite, marble or slate plaque.

Our house signs are made from either granite, marble or slate, that’s been around for several thousand years and may even outlive your home. Get one today!

Stone house signs and house plaques add elegance and make a bold statement of the unique quality of the homeowner.

Our stone house signs will outlive wooden and metal house signs as they will deteriorate much more quickly due to rust and rot..

Devon Stone Memorials


Devon Memorilas
Williams & Triggs, Newton Abbot, Devon for all your Granite, Marble & Slate Memorials & House Sign needs.
Call NOW on 01626 201157 for further information or with any queries you may have.

Devon Memorials
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