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From bespoke stairs, period style sash windows for your home, hardwood gates and doors to a complete hand-crafted kitchen, our specialist Devon joiners offer high quality, reliable joinery services throughout the wider South West area.
Local joiners working across the local region offer a complete range of services to homeowners. From handcrafted staircases to beautiful wooden gates, as well as services such as the repair and restoration of sash windows, joiners in Devon offer everything you need.

Bespoke Joinery Devon
Bespoke Joinery Devon

Devon Joiners with almost 100 years of history
and close ties to the local community.

Tel.01395 548 303
Bespoke Joinery Devon
Joiners Devon

Family firm of bespoke joiners working across Devon and specialising in bespoke staircases.

Tel. 01364 697 581
Bespoke Joinery Devon
Bespoke Joinery Devon

Offering a friendly, trustworthy bifold door installation service across Devon.

Tel. 01803 897 568
Specialised aspects of joinery includes creating, repairing, and restoring elements of the home. Beautiful wooden staircases, doors and windows, gates, and kitchens is where a Devon based joiner comes into their own.

There are many aspects of joinery that you might not have considered and when looking for a joiner to improve your home, such as selecting the ideal gate for your home and your needs, or knowing whether the sash windows on your period home need to be replaced or if the casements can actually be repaired. Luckily for you, we've put together a collection of articles from experienced joiners to help you learn more.
"Beautiful sash windows add value to your home and improve the insulation of period properties."
Improving the insulation of your home with wooden sash windows. This article will discuss the ways in which you can improve the insulation within your period property to help reduce your energy consumption and save you money in the long term.

Read more about the benefits of sash windows
Bespoke Joinery Devon
  Wooden Gates
  When you're wanting to protect your home and loved ones, you need to know the measures you take are going to work- as well as look beautiful.
  Read about Wooden Gates
Staircases Devon
  Timber Staircases
  Important considerations for your staircase design. From continuous hand rails and double ball nose steps, to getting the measurements accurate, your local joiner will be able to give you exactly what you want..
  Read about Timber Staircases
A question of style
To create an individual look for your staircase project you have the choice of mixing and matching component styles. Read more about Bespoke Staircases
Bespoke Staircases Devon
Staircase design factors
Choose the right materials and make the best design decisions when it comes to creating your dream staircase. Read more about designing a Bespoke StaircaseHandmade Staircases Devon
Automated Gates
A sensible option for homeowners who have a little buffer between gate entrance and the road is to automate your gateway. Read more about Automated GatesAutomated Gates Devon
Handcrafted wooden gates
A beautiful bespoke gate is the front door to your garden, it is the first engagement any visitors to your home has with you and so has to reflect you and your personality. Read more about Bespoke GatesBespoke Gates Devon
Choosing the right gate
Having wooden gates designed and installed by professional joiners, that have taken the time to make your dream gate a reality, has endless benefits Read more about choosing the right Bespoke Gate.Wooden Gates Devon
Beautiful kitchens
When you want a truly special kitchen in your home you need to go to someone who will build it from scratch to your exact requirements. Read more about Bespoke KitchensBespoke Kitchens Devon
Timber stairs
Not only a functional part of any property access, a staircase can also become a stunning focal point within the home as it is often the first thing people see when they enter through your front door. Read our quick guide on Timber Staircases
Devon Staircases
Wooden Garden Gates
When you're wanting to protect your home and loved ones, you need to know the measures you take are going to work- as well as look beautiful. The need for your wooden gates to be designed and installed by professional joiners has never been so important. Read more on Garden Gates
Devon Bespoke Gates
Bespoke Staircases
A vital part of the home, as well as being having functional purposes; staircases can transform and establish the style and feel of your home. The staircase can be elegant as well as being a feature that exudes character and charm. Read more about designing a Bespoke Staircase.
  Bespoke Stairs Devon
Expert joiners here to help
Devon Joiners offer a range of services, from bespoke design and fabrication, to installation and construction. Find out about what a joiner can offer to you and how it can enhance your home. Read more about Devon Joiners.

Devon Joiners
The best of British design
See the gorgeous new RNLI station in Exmouth designed and built by Woodleys Joinery. As an example of what experienced joiners can do, it's a stunning advertisement for their craft. Read about expert Joinery.

Joinery Devon
The beauty of sash windows
Maintain your beautiful sash windows to the highest quality, with a large selection of local joiners available to assist. Maintenance is essential if you want your wooden sash windows to remain looking their best. Read more about Sash Window Repair.

Sash Window Repairs Devon
Brightening up your home
This article will discuss the ways in which you can improve the insulation within your period property to help reduce your energy consumption and save you money in the long term. Read more about how Sash Windows can improve your home.
   Devon Sash Windows
Find the help you need
Visit our dedicated Devon Joiners website where we showcase the very best in the industry. Read more about how joinery experts can help achieve your dream home.

Joinery Devon
Wooden Windows
This article talks about the different types of traditional wooden windows you can get for the period of your home. Read more about wooden windows for your home.

Joinery Devon
Beauty of hardwood windows
Find out more about the beauty of hardwood windows and how much of a nicer feel they give your home rather then Upvc or aluminium.

Joinery Devon
Hardwood doors for your home
Take a look at our latest trending doors articles to help you decide on buying the right door for your home. Choosing the right materials for your specific door is essential.

Hardwood Doors Devon


Bespoke Joinery Devon
Bespoke Joinery Devon
Carpenter and Joiner Devon
Tel. 01548 856122
Bespoke Kitchens Devon
Bespoke Kitchens Devon
Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets Devon
Tel. 01626 362894 
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