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Bespoke Wooden Gates
"Choosing a gate to suit your needs to give your home the future it deserves"

If you are planning on purchasing new doors for your Devon home, it's advisable to take some time to think about what you really need. Whether you want to go for stunning solid oak doors or a more cost effective option such as oak veneer, we've put together some must-ask questions to help you make the best decision for you.

Is your budget a top priority?

For the vast majority of Devon homeowners, price is a primary concern when making a purchase. If you are seeking a stunning, long lasting solution to your needs, solid oak doors are the perfect choice for many.

Alternatively, oak veneer options are fantastic if you have a smaller budget in mind but taking the plunge and investing in solid oak doors will provide the ultimate in terms of a luxurious look when you consider both options side by side.

Are you seeking a modern look or a more traditional appearance?

The choices you make in regards to your doors will mostly be dependent on personal choice and taste so it is important you look closely at your personal preferences and keep them consistent wherever possible.

Oak veneer doors have a more consistent wood grain look when compared to solid wood options which boast a completely natural wood grain appearance and are long lasting as well as extremely sturdy.

However, whichever option you choose, both types of doors will need to be treated initially to enhance their finish and protect them from the elements.

A selection of experienced and knowledgeable Devon joiners are on hand

  to ensure your doors look their best and will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Will soundproofing be suitable for your home?

If your home is bustling with life, albeit from children, loud music or films blaring out, you may well benefit from a bit of help where noise is concerned. This is where effective sound proofing really helps and where solid oak doors really work wonders.

Solid wood is excellent for soundproofing a property but if sound levels aren't a major concern in your Devon home, oak veneer will likely do the job to the most part.

"With all of the options available, the key to beautiful and functional gates is to be site specific."

Is energy efficiency important in your home?

While oak veneer doors will do an adequate job of keeping your home energy efficient, solid wooden doors will make a substantial difference to your energy consumption, keeping the heat in and acting as fantastic insulators. As well as actively reducing your impact on the environment and saving money on your energy bills, well-constructed solid oak doors, handcrafted by local, Devon joiners will have a big impact on the efficiency of

your home overall.

What type of doors will complement the existing style of your home?

In many instances, the choice of door you opt for is determined by the overall style of your home. While modern homes provide a wider scope for the choice of doors available to you, be it a solid oak door or veneer option, older and more traditional homes are more often suited to solid wood options to a beautifully authentic look.

That said; oak veneer does an excellent job of looking like the real deal although solid wood provides a real statement feature within your home which cannot be rivalled.

Wooden Gates Devon
"Innovative gates designs
of uncompromising quality"
Having wooden gates designed and installed by professional Devon joiners, that have taken the time to make your dream a reality, has endless benefits.
Bespoke Gates Devon

"Oak is a great choice for driveway gate options, due to its strength and durability"

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