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Bespoke Gates Devon
"The best of British design from the heart of Devon"
    Handcrafted beautiful gates designed and created locally and guaranteed to last for many years to come.

In reality, a beautiful bespoke gate is the front door to your garden, it is the first engagement any visitors to your home has with you and so has to reflect you and your personality. 

If done badly they can be seen to be over the top, showy and in some cases, even aggressive to the outside world.

On the other hand if well-designed, the right driveway gate in the right setting can be a truly beautiful thing.

One of the first considerations should be whether you want an driveway gate and how you're going to use it.

Apart from it looking good you will need to consider what you would like the gates to do.

This may seem obvious but think about the volume of traffic both by foot and by car coming in and out of the gates and also whether you will need access, whether it primarily for security purposes or for privacy.

The following practical wish list will form the basis of your brief as the choices you opt for will have an impact on a variety of factors.


This will include whether your gates will need to be automated and if so in what way and how will they be controlled.

It will also determine whether you'll need additional pedestrian access as well as the material they have been built out of.

The choice really is yours. But looking in more detail at your requirements, your budget and your overall vision of how your new bespoke gates will look, as well as the image they will portray, is essential.

"A beautiful bespoke gate is the front door to your property, it's the first engagement any visitors to your home has with you."

The amount of money your gates will cost really does depend on a variety of factors as discussed above.

If you opt for simpler style gates without automation and use a lower grade material, your gates are likely to cost less than the top of the range hardwood or iron gates. The choice of wood you opt for will make a significant difference to the long-term


durability, stability and life expectancy of your gate, so this should be thought about in much detail from the outset.

Whatever wood you choose, there are unfortunately no quick fixes and the key to a long-lasting and beautiful wooden gate is through regular maintenance.

Bespoke Gates Devon

" Add value to your home with beautiful wooden gates"

Your overall vision of how your new bespoke gates will look, as well as the image they will portray, is essential.
Bespoke Driveway Gates Devon
An experienced joiner
specialising in wooden gates
Bespoke Driveway Gates   Regular maintenance helps your bespoke gates last longer and look stunning
Devon Driveway Gates   All gates can be automated if you require
Driveway Gates Devon   The cost is dependent on the wood used and the type of gate you choose
Wooden Driveway Gates Devon   Pedestrian gates can help to reduce accidents by providing safe access to your home for those on foot
Bespoke Gates Devon   Bespoke gates can add 5% on to the value of your home
Bespoke Gates Devon   Contact any of our local joinery experts who will happily help design, create and install your perfect gate

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Bespoke Joinery Devon
Bespoke Joinery Devon
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Bespoke Joinery Devon
Bespoke Joinery Devon
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