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Devon Bed and Breakfast
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Holiday Cottages Branscombe
Tel. 01297 680306

Seaton Bed and Breakfast

Call us on 01297 21269
Luxury Bed & Breakfast Seaton
Devon Holiday Cottages
Tel. 01297 552 485
Bed and Breakfast East Devon
Devon Holiday Cottages
Tel. 01297 552 485
Holiday Cottages Beer
Bed and Breakfast Hoslworthy
Bed & Breakfast Holsworthy
Tel. 01409 254 484
B and B Devon
Beaches to visit

Devon is home to some of the most beautiful scenery with absolutely stunning coastlines. Devon's beaches offer endless possibilities when you come to visit, with options for couples, families or groups of friends.

Families with young children always want to ensure that the beach they choose is safe for their children to play on and in Devon one of the best beaches for just that is Bantham.

If you are interested in wildlife one of the best beaches to visit has to be Dawlish with an incredible National Nature Reserve as well as an amazing beach for families.

If you want to visit a beach just for the views then there could be no better beach than Seaton, with incredible scenery with a long pebble beach and a stunning harbour.
Places to stay

If you are wanting to make the most out of Devon you will want somewhere relaxing to accommodate your needs. Where better to stay than local bed and breakfasts, Devon, which are positioned in some of the most spectacular areas you could ever want to visit.

If you are wanting to stay near a local beach in luxury then Fring House, a bed and breakfast in Seaton, is most likely the place for you.

Devon Bed and Breakfast
Devon Bed and Breakfast It truly is not difficult to submerge yourself in Devon's scenery with so much to do and visit, with Devon's coastline providing just some of the unbelievable views Devon has to offer. With so much to see you can keep coming back for more and finding something new each time that you will love straight away. So why don't you book yourself a room today and find out what Devon has to offer you.
Devon Bed and Breakfast
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