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Finding the best stairlift for you and your individual needs ...
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Are you finding it harder to get up the stair in your own home? but don't want to move house or pay for a downstairs bathroom. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and may not be as expensive as you would think.

Getting a stairlift in your home could be the best answer for you as it allows you to sit on a chair and be taken up the stairs slow, smooth and stress free.

There are Devon stairlift companies that can provide you with a new stairlift, used stairlift's or even rent them. What you get will depend on why you need a stair lift in the first place, for example you may just need to rent a stairlift if you are in a difficult pregnancy, anything to make it easier and to put less stress on the Mother the better. Lifts are not cheap to rent but for a short term solution it will be less expensive than buying.

If you have had surgery or a medical procedure this could effect your ability to get up and down the stairs as you like. If this is the case and you may not recover fully for more than three weeks or so a stairlift could make your life significantly easier.

If the stairs in your house is presenting to be a large long term challenge maybe because of your age, an injury or disability a stairlift can give you your freedom back without you having to move house.

If you want to know anymore information on stairlift's and how one could make your life easier just get in touch with one of our Devon Stairlift companies today who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


What Causes your difficulty on the stair?

What are your alternatives?

If you feel that a stairlift could solve your stair climbing difficulties here is a little advice on your options to make life a little more simple.

They are easy to control and keep at a steady smooth pace to get you up and down the stairs.

You can get stairlift's for both curved and straight stairs.

Stairlift's can come with a swivel seat and lift up arm rest to make getting on and off the stairlift easier.

You can also get standing stairlift's usually an option for narrower staircases, or if you are unable to bend your leg.







Stairlifts Devon

Devon Stairlift Specialists give a simple overview on what a stairlift is and the range of different stairlift's available throughout Devon.

A stair lift - also known as chair lift or stair glider - is a device that lifts people and wheelchairs up and down stairs. Users typically sit on a chair that travels along an aluminium or steel rail attached to the treads of the stairs by metal brackets (cleats). Rails can also be fixed to walls if necessary; they can also cope with curved staircases and obstructions such as doors and posts. Hinges allow sections of the rail to be folded out of the way when not in use.

The stair lift commonly comprises a seat with arms and footrest, though some stair lifts have a stand-on platform. Cables, chains or rack and pinion systems pull the stair lift along the rail on small rollers. Conventional stair lifts have the seat at right angles to the rail but to enable the passenger to get off safely, the seat can swivel and lock on arrival at the landing.

Curved rail stairlift's for domestic premises are generally more expensive than the straight rail types, since they have to be individually manufactured to fit a certain staircase after careful measurement. They also take longer to install.

For outdoor purposes, there are weatherproof stair lift models that are otherwise similar to indoor stairlift's. Wheelchair platform lifts are usually to be found outside the home in public access buildings. These often incorporate ramps and are necessarily more robust than domestic models, being of sufficient size to transport a wheelchair and its occupant.

Some stairlift's have a tray to transport goods instead of people and these are particularly useful on industrial and commercial premises.

So more information on any aspect of Stairlift's call Hanover Lift Services, Exeter, Devon today on 01392 461061.

Devon Stairlifts
Stairlift Devon

Stairlift Devon
Stairlifts Devon
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