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Cornwall Home Inspections: Essential before you buy a property!

If you're buying a new home in Cornwall, either a newly constructed home or a pre-owned home, you need an inspection for your protection. Also, sellers benefit from home inspections by knowing the condition of their home before listing. They are spared the embarassment of the buyers home inspector finding major defects with their home and holding up the transaction.

If your new home still has a warranty from the builder it is wise to have a home inspection before it expires. Typically most homes need some kind of repairs. The cost of these repairs almost always would outweigh the cost of the inspection!

Once you have closed the deal you will have bought the property as seen, or ‘as is’. If there are any problems with the property, it will be too late to try and renegotiate!

However, you can include an 'inspection clause' in the offer to safeguard yourself if you need to make an offer quickly to help secure the property.

The 'inspection clause' will give you an 'out' on buying the house if there are any serious problems found. This could give you the opportunity to renegotiate the purchase price if any repairs are needed. The inspection clause could also specify that the vendor must fix the problem(s) before you purchase the property

A Cornwall Home Inspector will check out the main safety aspects of your proposed new home.

The inspector will look closely at the structure, the type of construction used to build the property and the mechanical systems of the property. The inspector will make you aware of any repairs that are needed. They will also give you an estimate of the cost of making those repairs. What the inspector will not do is say whether or not the real estate represents value for money- this is a judgement you must make for yourself and this is why it is essentail to do the relevant research beforehand.

An inspector should check

- the electrical systems, the plumbing, waste disposal, water heating, Heating and ventilation systems, the main source of water and water quality, the foundations, the doors, walls, ceilings, floors and roof. The inspector should also check for the potential for any presence of pests or infestation. Should there be any need for repairs to the property, the Home Inspector will give you the cost of these.

Always make sure that you use an experienced and qualified Home Inspector. If you are not sure, ask around for recommendations from others that have used Home Inspectors.

It is a good idea to be present when the Home Inspector makes his/her visit. Be sure not to get in the way and wait until the inspection is completed before asking any questions. When the Home Inspector has finished, they will be able to answer any questions you might have about the report and point out any problem areas. You can find out about general maintenance and get a second opinion on your proposed new home.

If the Home Inspector discovers a serious problem, they may recommend a further, more specific inspection.

You may also wish to consider having the property inspected for things that could represent future health risks such as asbestos, radon gas or possible problems with the water or waste disposal system.

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Getting it right for quotes.

All building work carried out in the United Kingdom (except Scotland where different rules apply) is covered by the Building Regulations Act (1991). The Act and subsequent amendments, lays down standards for such things as sewage disposal, damp proofing, fire safety, structural soundness and a host of other building works.
These standards are designed to protect against insecure, substandard work, all Builders and householders must adhere to them where they apply. Ignore these regulations at your peril - if the lack of building regulation compliance emerges during the sale of your house, you could find that your property has been significantly devalued!

Why you need a written Contract.

We are constantly amazed at the number of people we meet who are having Thousands of Pounds of building work being done yet they do not have a written Contract.
They come to us with all sorts of problems: Disputes over the scope of work originally agreed: Sudden additional charges for 'extra work': A "few weeks work " has stretched to months. Whilst we can usually sort matters out, the problems would probably never have arisen with a proper contract in place.
Most reputable builders will be pleased to accept a contract for the work - they have nothing to hide and everything is clear from the outset.
We cannot emphasise too strongly that however, friendly and amenable the builder is when you meet, a 'Handshake Agreement' is not enough!

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