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Swimming Pool Cornwall


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Swimming Pool Cornwall
Devon, Cornwall and
West Somerset
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Swimmingpools Cornwall
Cornwall Swimming Pools
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Swimming Pools Cornwall

Heating your swimming pool using solar energy.

Solar water heating can be used for a number of applications including the home and swimming pools, no matter howe large it may be.

vacuum tube collectors are a highly efficient when used for heating swimming pools, this is because the temperatures are lower than would be required for domestic hot water, which optimises their performance.

If the swimming pool is close to the house, then the solar water heating system can be used to heat the domestic hot water too, helping to generate hot water throughout the year. This combination arrangement can help give the fastest financial return of a solar heating installation.

You may be wondering how a solar water heating system can heat a large area such as a swimming pool.

How a solar water heating system works to heat a swimming pool.
Absorber coating within the vacuum tubes absorb the sunlight, transferring the heat it has absorbed to a heat pipe. The heat is then carried to the tip to the solar fluid, which is circulated through insulated pipes which is subsequently transferred / released through a swimming pool heat exchanger or in the case of domestic heating, a coil within the hot water cylinder.

In order heat a swimming pool using solar thermal heating there are a number of requirements which include:

South Facing area fro collectors is the best but they can be sited east or west, or a combination on the two but this will increase the number of collectors needed.
There needs to be a route to allow the pipes to travel from the collectors to the swimming pool.
A suitable heat exchanger must also be sited between the outlet from the filtration unit and the swimming pool.

The solar collectors can be attached to a pitch roof, normally using stainless steel mounting bolts to hold them in place or they can be flat mounted.
Ideally the collectors should be located near to the swimming pool as the shorter distance that the generated energy has to travel helps to reduce heat loss through the pipes and therefore a reduction in energy efficiency.

Choosing a solar thermal heating system suitable to your needs requires taking a range of factors in to consideration, contact one of our Cornwall swimming pool specialists for more information on the solar swimming pools heating systems available and how they could benefit you.

Swimming Pools Cornwall
Swimming Pool Installation
Swiiming Pools Cornwall
Cornwall Pool Installation
Cornwall swimming pool specialists

Non Slip Flooring

Ideal for the surroundings of swimming pools and hot tubs. Non-slip flooring specialists, reduce the risk of accidents with state-of-art techniques to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Keep your family safe around your pool or spa.

Slip Associates is a national company, which markets and distributes a revolutionary anti-slip treatment for wet surfaces throughout the UK. The Precision technologies Centre of Industrial Collaboration (Precision Technologies CIC) was approached by Slip Associates to carry out precision measurement work for their ‘Anti-Slip’ floor treatment. In doing so, they were able to independently validate the function of this revolutionary product and increase customer confidence. The Centre was asked to provide scientific evidence assessing and confirming exactly what happens to the surface of a floor tile when treated with ‘Anti-Slip’. Slip Associates also asked the Centre to demonstrate that the system does not work by acid etching or by substantially roughening the surface. This is extremely important when considering the treatment of marble, granite and porcelain as damage to the glaze would make cleaning difficult.
  Non Slip Floor

The Precision Technologies CIC carried out surface roughness measurements using contact and optical techniques on a micro scale. The results showed that the product works in a different way to traditional acid etching systems. It impregnates the glaze of a tile or the natural pores of marble and granite with a material that expands on contact with moisture, causing ‘bumps’ to grow on the surface. This provides increased friction and creates the anti-slip function in wet conditions. A published report was released by the Centre that was incorporated into sales and marketing material. This contributed to increased customer confidence and brought in more sales leads for Slip Associates. The Galpharm Stadium Leisure complex in Huddersfield is one of the many venues that have used ‘Anti-Slip’, and since application, there have been no slips.

Slip Associates offer a range of solutions for different floor surfaces and environments, allowing a safe, anti-slip walking surface over any number of materials, wet or dry. Whether tiles, concrete, terrazzo, wood, vinyl, metal or marble.
Contact Slip Associates for information regarding details of local suppliers.


Cornwall Swimming Pools
Swimming Pool Cornwall

Cornwall Swimming Pool Suppliers give advice on choosing the right swimming pool for your needs.

Firstly, when planning your swimming pool you need to think carefully about who will be using the swimming pool, and for what purpose. You will also need to think about the types of activities your family will be doing in and around the pool. Once you have worked out these answers you will have more of an idea about what type of pool will best suit your needs. This in turn will help you discover which swimming pool design is best appropriate for you and your family.

Secondly, the next thing to decide is where you would like the pool to be located. Living in such a beautiful part of the country Cornwall offers fantastic views and rolling countryside. So, having a swimming pool allows you to enjoy the breath taking views all year round from the luxury of your own garden. The layout of your garden will be an important factor when choosing the design of your swimming pool. For example, sloped areas with views are excellent for negative edge pools, whereas flat areas are better for larger freeform pools. The area you choose for your pool may be sunny and open for sun bathing, or shaded and private for unwinding and relaxation. It really is down to the individual as to where your swimming pool is situated.

If you will be using your swimming pool and the surrounding area as an outdoor room, make sure you leave enough space for your entertainment needs and any other activities you will be doing. Another consideration is whether you want the swimming pool visible from the inside of your home. For example, if you choose to have a water feature included in your new swimming pool you may want the area viewable from the living room or dining room.

Your budget is also an important factor when choosing the design of your swimming pool. Your budget may well influence the size of your new swimming pool, it's shape and the features your swimming pool will include.

The most realistic option is to firstly concentrate on the basic pool size, shape and finish before considering features such as water features, lighting and even possibly a spa. A good thing to note is that although many features can be added later without a major addition to cost, if a spa is added it should be included with the construction of the pool as a major cost.

Once the work is well underway you may wish to consider additional features and accessories as the work progresses. There are many additional features and accessories available throughout Cornwall which range in price and also purpose. Some enhance aesthetics and some ease maintenance, while some are just fun. The range is endless but all of sure to add that extra bit of individuality and decoration to your amazing new garden feature.

Swimming Pools Cornwall
Cornwall Swimming Pools
Cornwall Pools Swimming Pools
Outdoor Swimming Pools Cornwall

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Swimming Pool Cornwall
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