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Sash Windows Cornwall
"Sash Windows provide your home with stunning aesthetics"
   Discover the benefits of having a hardwood door installed at your home in Cornwall

The beauty of the wooden sash windows is the way that they are made. Their construction means that they can be easily dismantled for repair or for replacing broken sash cords which can naturally occur across time.

This fact alone means that restoring your sash wooden windows is achievable and cost effective in the long term when you work with a well-established, reputable and knowledgeable local joiner.

So, wherever you live in the Cornwall area, specialist joiners are on hand to help achieve the perfect windows for your home.

For many homeowners in Cornwall, when they encounter issues with their sash windows they think that the only option available to them is to replace the windows, which is certainly not the case.

Unlike modern plastic windows which are often replaced due to it being the most cost effective method available, wooden sash windows can be brought back to light through professional repair and restoration.

Through proper maintenance and upkeep some wooden windows have lasted for centuries and so it is important to give your timber sash windows the love, care and attention they deserve.


Local joinery experts will be able to work alongside you to establish the best course of action to ensure the windows of your home not only retain their original look and charm but will function as they should for many years to come.

Unlike plastic PVCu windows which cannot be repaired and dismantled so easily, wooden sash windows have endured the test of time.

"Sash windows complement homes of all eras beautifully, and create stunning aesthetics for the property."

Across the years, joiners have been able to perfect the art of creating and maintaining wooden windows to deliver exceptional quality and detail which works to complement your home’s character and allure perfectly.

In comparison, PVCu windows are typically only guaranteed for ten years and are expensive to replace if they fail. Moreover, due to the fact modern windows are unable to reproduce the beautiful mouldings and characteristic details of traditional timber windows, PVCu units are unsuitable for use in any historic or period home and should be avoided at all costs.


Of course, wooden windows too sometimes encounter issues that need rectifying. The most common issues which arise with timber sash windows include the failure of joints over time, rotting of the wood, sticking of the frames, putty failure, windy draughts and rattling.

While most of these issues are the result of a lack of good protective coat of paint and overall maintenance, rattling frames and cold draughts can be dealt with in a number of ways including draught proofing and resealing the existing frames to restore their functionality and reduce energy consumption, too.

If you own a property in Cornwall and require advice or assistance in regards to your wooden sash windows, do not hesitate to get in touch with any one of our experienced joiners. Working throughout the local Cornwall area, each of our hand selected joiners are here to help bring your vision to life and ensure you have durable, long lasting and beautiful sash windows throughout your home for many years to come.

Sash Windows Cornwall

"Sash windows can last a lifetime
with proper maintenance "


Not only do sash windows look good, but they also help
to reduce energy and heating bills as they are thermally efficient


Sash Windows Cornwall


Sash windows complement
homes perfectly.
Sash Windows Cornwall   Sash windows are thermally efficient, allowing you to save on heating bills
Sash Windows Cornwall   Sash windows perfectly complement your home with beautiful aesthetics
Sash Windows Cornwall   Hand crafted sash windows can last a life time with the correct maintenance
Sash Windows Cornwall   Sash windows are the perfect solution for properties of any era
Sash Windows Cornwall   Hand crafted sash windows are created to meet your individual requirements
Sash Windows Cornwall   Contact any of our specialist joiners for a free, no obligation quote on their services

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