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Floor Restoration Devon
Restore your wooden floor to its natural beauty

Restoring or sanding a wooden floor


Imagine you've moved into a new house, started decorating, and pulled up that hideous carpet in the lounge. Underneath is a gorgeous wooden floor which could if sanded and finished correctly be the most beautiful wooden floor you've ever seen. For the best results a professional should be employed. Using Lagler technology from Germany they can generate an excellent quality dust free sanded floor completed with a professional touch.

Depending on the state of the floor the correct grade of sand paper is ascertained. The sanding process begins with a 40 or 60 grit sandpaper and finished sanding with 100 grit paper. The procedure for the edges is done in a similar way. The floor is then "screened" or finished with a large three disc rotary sander to blend the two processes into one.

If you step on to any hardwood flooring you'll appreciate the warm and welcoming shades and colours that they come in.


As one of the world's most multipurpose floor coverings not only do you get traditional beauty but also convenient advantages such as enduring good looks, stain resistance, warm to the touch, easy to wash, fully restorable, clean and dust free, especially good for any allergy sufferers.

Like ceramics, hardwood floors are recognised as a high quality building material. They are enduring and entirely renewable with very little effort. Solid wood floors are also stylish, modest and above all, sought-after which means that they can add value of your home.

Wood flooring comes in a diversity of wood species, colours and widths.

The graceful and classy look of hardwood flooring can undoubtedly add warmth and quality to any room.


The natural features of wood can add depth and a visual appearance that many other types of floors cannot replicate. The demand for hardwood flooring is ever growing and new ranges are being improved in terms of the superiority of finish and more complicated manufacture techniques.

Hardwood flooring comes in a diversity of wood species, colours and widths. With so many varieties of hardwood flooring you can be sure to find something that best suits your needs. Oak flooring is one of the most popular hardwood floors. Choice of grades from Rustic (with lots of knots and varied colour) to prime (uniform colour with no knots). You can also select a number of different finishes, including oil, lacquer, and wax.

Pine is also a trendy hardwood flooring choice, there is the added advantage that the product is environmentally friendly. In its natural state pine gives an exquisite golden colour and will add style and panache to any room, inevitably the pine will dull down with wear but can be re-stained darker if required.

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