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Industrial Flooring Devon
Professional commercial floor installation experts, Hytech provide clients across Devon and the surrounding areas with stunning, durable and long lasting flooring.
Commercial Industrial Flooring Devon durable Industrial Flooring Devon long lasting Industrial Flooring Devon High Performance
    Industrial Flooring Devon
Offering commercial flooring installation services across Devon, our specialists can help ensure your floor is of the highest quality possible.

Our specialist flooring solutions enable your floor to withstand heavy duty operations at all times, making it the perfect solution for your commercial property.

Wood Flooring Devon Hytech says - “Using an epoxy resin, our professional installers enable your floor to withstand a range of heavy duty operations which makes it perfect for commercial buildings.”
Industrial Flooring Devon
Our commercial flooring can be made to meet your individual requirements
Industrial Flooring Devon
We use the latest equipment to guarantee a long lasting commercial floor
Industrial Flooring Devon
We cover a range of industries, allowing you to gain the perfect floor for your business
Hytech Industrial Coatings

Providing specialist, high quality commercial flooring across Devon and the surrounding areas, suitable for a range of individual requirements.

Industrial Flooring Devon

At Hy-Tech we pride ourselves on offering a trustworthy service, so the price we quote will be the price that you pay. To ensure you receive value for money we also make sure to offer competitive and honest prices so you will be more than happy by both the service and the price.

With our professional team, Hy-Tech offer a wide selection of flooring services across the country, including industrial flooring, automotive flooring, food industry flooring, domestic flooring, garages and car parks. Your flooring can be whatever colour you desire, and can be laid in whatever design you want or need. Hy-Tech's Epoxy Resin flooring is designed to withstand damage, so much so that the material is used upon aircraft carriers. Epoxy coatings can be used on top of concrete, as well as other common surfaces such as metal, fibreglass or wood.

The epoxy floor coatings will strengthen the floor surface to protect it from the sort of heavy usage often seen within factories. This coating is resistant to a large range of chemicals, making it ideal for food preparation areas. We can lay flooring with the option of anti-slip coatings that allow you to minimise the risk of people slipping and injuring themselves.

  Industrial Flooring Devon

Industrial Flooring Devon Working across Devon and the surrounding areas, our specialists provide your commercial building with high performance commercial floors which last for years to come.
Industrial Flooring Devon High quality industrial flooring perfect for any type of situation within a commercial building Industrial Flooring Devon Working across Devon and the wider areas, we provide you with expert flooring installation services to meet your needs
Industrial Flooring Devon Our industrial flooring uses a high quality resin to guarantee a high quality finish for your flooring Industrial Flooring Devon We can colour your industrial flooring to meet your individual requirements
Industrial Flooring Devon Our flooring is the perfect solution for any commercial building, providing the floor with the utmost protection Industrial Flooring Devon Utilising the latest equipment, you are guaranteed to receive a professionally made industrial floor for your property
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