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Sash Windows Somerset
"Discover more about sash windows and how they can affect your property"
   Handcrafted, long lasting and high quality sash windows for your property in Somerset

Sash windows have been around for more than 300 years, and yet they are still one of the more predominant styles of windows around today. With the traditional look sash windows give your home, many home owners have them installed because the varnished wood finish makes it seem more welcoming, and they don’t compromise the home’s integrity.

Sash windows come in multiple styles, each of which can be grouped loosely to a time period. For example, the single and double hung sash windows can be associated with the Georgian period, whereas the four pane sash and single pane sash can be associated with the Victorian period; the single pane in the bottom can also be associated with the Edwardian period.

Nowadays sash windows from every era can be found across different regions. However, most sash windows are not treated correctly, leaving them exposed to bad weather. This damage can lead to unbalanced counter balances, draughts and offset windows that rattle in the wind.

Knowing how important your home is to you, our range of Somerset based joiners not only offer sash window repairs, they also offer services for sash window restoration and sash window replacements. Sash window repairs include re-countering the balance inside the frame and replacing any damaged wood, as well as replacing any broken or damaged glass.


Furthermore, sash restoration service brings your sash windows a new span of life by restoring them to their original state. No longer will you have to look at them in disgust, you will be able to admire them for the true beauty they really hold while you relax in the warmth of your home.

"Sash Windows provide your home with stunning aesthetics and thermally efficient window solutions."

If you wish to completely replace your windows with brand new, traditional wood sash, our range of joiners covering the Somerset area able to offer that service as well. Not only will the range of experienced joiners handle all of the removal and installation, they’ll also create the sash windows in their dedicated carpentry workshops. You’ll be able to work with the joinery specialists to create a new design and get cost effective, bespoke sash windows that really complement your home’s style.

Another service on offer is sash window maintenance. Our range of Somerset joiners will not only clean your sash windows, they also give them a new coat of paint and gloss to further protect your beautiful sash windows up to 5 years.

No matter which service you choose to use, a specialist joiner will always try to offer you the most cost effective method that is nearest to, or within your budget. All joiners featured within our Somerset joinery section are fully qualified and execute every service to a professional standard, giving you superb results so you can relax with the peace of mind you deserve.


General Information:

  • Repair or Replace broken windows
  • Restore to original condition
  • Re-counter the balance
  • Box sash windows, single hung sash window, double hung sash window, six pane sash, four pane sash, single pane sash
  • single pane in bottom sash
  • wood is more attractive and welcoming
  • reminds of traditional styles

Box Sash Windows:

  • Hollow part in frame that holds the counter balance
  • Hardwood window sills
  • Stained/varnished wood or gloss painted
  • Doesn’t compromise the home’s integrity

Single Hung:

  • Only one sash moves

Sash Windows Somerset

"Sash windows are thermally efficient,
saving you money in the long run ."

Your new sash windows will be hand crafted to meet
your individual requirements


Sash Windows Somerset


Sash windows provide your home
with beautiful aesthetics
Sash Windows Somerset   Sash windows are thermally efficient, allowing you to save on heating bills
Sash Windows Somerset   Sash windows perfectly complement your home with beautiful aesthetics
Sash Windows Somerset   Hand crafted sash windows can last a life time with the correct maintenance
Sash Windows Somerset   Sash windows are the perfect solution for properties of any era
Sash Windows Somerset   Hand crafted sash windows are created to meet your individual requirements
Sash Windows Somerset   Contact any of our specialist joiners for a free, no obligation quote on their services

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