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Taunton Landscape Gardeners
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Taunton Landscape Gardener
Garden Landscaping,
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Taunton Landscape Gardeners

Landscape Designer- The Job description

Landscape designers in Taunton, Somerset are essentially designers of outdoor spaces, of any land open to the sky, including land lying around and between buildings.

Working throughout Wellington and Somerset landscapers ensure that any changes made to the natural environment are appropriate and sensitive, as well as innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Landscapers’ projects can be both urban and rural and range from designing the layout of parks, gardens and housing estates to improving land affected by mineral extraction or motorway construction.
The work involves collaborating closely with landscape contractors, as well as other professionals, especially architects, and those working in surveying and engineering functions.

  Taunton Landscape Design

Taunton Landscape Designer

Typical work activities

The typical work activities for a landscape designer are likely to include some or all of the following:

  • overseeing the design of a variety of projects, including: urban regeneration schemes (public parks and squares, private gardens, playgrounds); pedestrian schemes; retail schemes (business parks); and roads/transport corridors (and occasionally the structures within/surrounding them);
  • establishing general landscape requirements with clients;
  • conducting preliminary studies of contours, soil conditions, vegetation, drainage, ecology, buildings, roads and paths;
  • assessing a site's potential to meet the specifications of the client;
  • seeking and taking into account the views of local residents and other potential users;
  • preparing and accurately setting out detailed plans and working drawings, including applications, construction details and specifications for the project;
  • dealing with enquiries from clients;
  • presenting proposals to clients;
  • negotiating any amendments to proposals, in order to proceed to the final design;
  • satisfying both the client's wishes and your knowledge of what will work best;
  • contacting and co-ordinating manufacturers and suppliers;
  • putting work out to tender and selecting a contractor and manager (mainly for larger projects);
  • making site visits;
  • monitoring and checking work on-site (on large projects, landscape managers are brought in to do this supervisory work);
  • liaising with other experts in the field, engineers, surveyors and town planners;
  • ensuring deadlines are met;
  • authorising payment once work has been satisfactorily completed.
Taunton Landscape Designer

Landscape Design Taunton

Taunton Landscaper

For more information on Garden Landscape Design in the Taunton areas call Landscape Designers, Down To Earth on 01278 722255.
Article courtesy of Down To Earth, Somerset
Landscape Designer Taunton

Landscape Designer Taunton

Wellington landscape gardening companies seek to do a little more than the norm in the creation of beautiful outdoor living space- space which works with the home and with the needs of the people living within it.

Somerset Landscape Designers use the concept that good landscape design reflects practical needs and the simple beauty of nature, so often work on practical areas where decking is often laid to create clean practical outdoor living space.

Our Landscape Designers aim to take a holistic approach to landscape and environmental issues and strive for design innovation and excellence. Some work with architects, builders, developers and home owners in order to conduct landscape appraisals and prepare master plans. Detailed designs range from commercial property developments to new design of private gardens.


  Taunton Landscape Garden Design Decking
All Landscape Designers are always there for free advice and free quotations for work upon your garden all year round. Often when moving into a new home it is the garden which needs immediate attention so we are also available to help with the clearing of the site in preparation for future work and planting.
  Taunton Landscape Garden Design Decking


Understanding your garden

Garden design and landscaping has seen a surge in popularity due to television programmes such as Ground Force. To increase their appeal, these programmes concentrate on the race against the clock and tend to give the impression that little prior preparation has been required - a quick sketch, perhaps, and a visit to the local garden centre. In fact, any good garden landscaping requires careful, detailed design and several site visits - in order to produce a long-lasting garden one MUST survey meticulously beforehand.

The planning process starts with an initial visit to the house and garden to discuss the client's brief and to gain initial impressions. The landscaping procedure is explained by reference to the portfolio of previous projects. The only charge for this visit will be the travelling costs and any other related expenses incurred by the designer. Any design proposals produced at this stage at the request of the client will be charged at the standard hourly rate, as will all subsequent work and visits.

The next stage is to take a detailed survey of the garden and draw up an outline plan. These will be at the client's cost and will enable the full potential of the site to be realised. It will also highlight any problem areas and determine the exact rise and fall of the land - very important in order to understand drainage and for planning the location of water features.

This survey is the key to developing a good design. Without an accurate basis on which to start, the garden design is liable to run into unexpected difficulties. Without an accurate plan showing the relationship of the house to the garden, the effort put in at the later stages would be wasted. A plan will have all existing trees and shrubs precisely located and will thus show the view lines from all points in the living area.

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Taunton Landscape Gardeners
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