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Taunton Kitchen Design
Somerset Kitchen Design

Taunton Kitchen Designers give a detailed overview of the solutions for modern day kitchens in today's busy lifestyle.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Does your kitchen fit your busy lifestyle? Today's kitchens are at the hub of family life, serving as a dining area, office, and gathering place. Whether you choose a major kitchen re-design or just want to revamp one aspect with new lighting, appliances, cabinetry or tile, updating and designing your kitchen can make it easier to accommodate your family's daily routine.

Additionally by changing even just one aspect of your kitchen design can add great investment if you choose to sell your home.

There are three basic elements to good kitchen design:

  • Gather ideas
  • Layout
  • Style

1. Gather ideas for your kitchen design
The first element in good kitchen design is the process of exploring possibilities and discovering the many options available when you design your perfect kitchen. Always keep your eyes open for ideas. You can ask any of our Kitchen Designers in Somerset for great ideas for your kitchen design that will suit your needs.

You should also try to think about all the ways your kitchen might enhance your lifestyle. Consider including the following ideas in your kitchen design:

The key is to indulge your imagination. While you won't be able to afford everything you can dream of, you might be surprised by how much is possible.

2. Consider the current layout of your kitchen
The second aspect of kitchen design is layout. This is when you look at the various features of the kitchen and choose the location of appliances and work areas.

For years the key to good kitchen design was the appliance work triangle. This refers to the arrangement of the refrigerator, sink and stove.

With the increasing use of microwaves, many people now refer to this as the work diamond. The majority of cooking activities involves moving easily back and forth among these three or four kitchen stations.

3. Choose the best design style to complement your lifestyle and your kitchen
The final element in good kitchen design is essentially aesthetic. Choosing the right colours, finishes on the walls and cabinets, & textures is essential to creating a space in which people will enjoy living.

Keep in mind that the fewer years you plan to live in the house, the more important it is for you to choose popular aesthetic options that will enhance the resale value when you sell your home.

Kitchen Design Budget
Even an extremely modest kitchen design project will cost several hundred pounds at least. More typically, kitchen designs can cost thousands.

If the project is not designed well, much of that money may be wasted. Pulling together all the elements, working around all the existing limitations, addressing technical issues like plumbing and electrical wiring, and making product and material selections add up to a complex equation.

Kitchen Size
One trend in kitchens that has grown over the years is increasing the size. In most homes, there isn't a lot of unused nearby space in which to expand the kitchen. This, as well as cost considerations, often cause homeowners to rule out moving walls.

Size is important to have a functionally up-to-date kitchen, and many kitchens in the past were designed as tiny spaces. But, there are almost always affordable ways to add square footage. Speak in confidence to our Somerset Kitchen Designers on any aspects you have queries about.

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Kitchen Design is constantly changing and developing. There are many styles to choose from & selecting the right kitchen cabinets is essential.......
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Taunton Kitchen Design

Taunton Kitchen Design- Kitchens of the Future Part 1

Taunton Kitchen Designers give a detailed description on the future of kitchens in Somerset and the rest of the UK. Most of what a kitchen is has to do with storage. Over the last fifty to seventy five years it is storage that has really changed the most. Consider that the refrigerator has evolved from the lowly icebox and that our shopping has evolved from daily to weekly or even biweekly, and you will get the picture.

Cooking hasn't really changed in the general sense but in terms of the microwave, defrosting and warming up leftovers has certainly advanced. Some may use the microwave to cook enture meals but this is only a relatively small percentage. Also, if you consider the Aga oven, it may seem like time has stood still for decades as far as cooking is concerned.

This article will consider all areas of the kitchen of the future and will also illustrate some of the dreams of the future from past generations.

It will a lso be possible to take a look at trends in the way food is transported into the home, as well as the types of food that is consumed.

What does all of this have to do with Kitchen Design in Somerset? Well, a kitchen is, in it's simplest form, a room where food is prepared. In it's most elegant form, it is the centre of the home, the command centre where all action in the modern family is planned. The way food is prepared and the way in which it is stored combine to give the designer a basis on which to plan his design.

What do you think the kitchen of the future will resemble? Will it be a molecular re- assembler like something from Star Trek, where a cheeseburger is 'created' from chemicals and elements stored in a computer? Or will it be a simpler or more complicated version of what we have today? There have been many innovations that have come and gone in the past.

As we work our way through the second millennium, it might be nice to take stock of where we are headed in the area of the kitchen. Read on to find out more information about Taunton Kitchen Design here, now and in the future. For more information on the future of Kitchen Design see the article below.

Modern Kitchen Design
Taunton Kitchens
Taunton Kitchen Design
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Taunton Kitchen Design- Kitchens of the Future Part 2

Taunton Kitchen Designers follow on their discussion about how kitchen design will change in the future.

Most of the changes in future kitchens might be in the way the room is used to store and prepare food. In time it might be more like a business, lean and mean and economical, as people's time becomes increasingly short.

Foods may be brought into the home via delivery services, there are many in Somerset that are Internet based. The technology is present now that would allow replenishment of only the products needed based on what materials are used up.

Scanning devices, similar to the supermarket kind could be put into the counter top and an electronic record would be compiled as every meal is prepared. This is a very straightforward and common sense application of current computer technology but it hasn't been implemented yet. Even if the technology was used to print up a simple shopping list, thus relieving one of the time that this takes, would be a huge leap forward.

Cooking, for the most part, is still done on stove tops and inside ovens. The microwave is probably the last new appliance in the preceding century and it hasn't really changed all that much from it's humble beginnings in the seventies.

The curious thing is that today, many people are looking back to old fashioned stoves from the fifties. Why doesn't a manufacturer of new ranges simply redesign a line of appliances to mimic the fifties style yet provide owners with all the amenities of a modern unit?

As far as future kitchen architecture goes, there seems to be a move towards making the kitchen the social centre of the household. This has been going on for sometime, so it isn't really new but if you are redesigning your kitchen, consider making it the focal point of your home.

The living room used to be the focal point, but who really uses a living room now, or even has one? Haven't we moved towards the family room for entertaining guests? A slight change would make the kitchen and the family room all one big area.

There are many lovely galley kitchens which coexist beautifully with family rooms, with a raised eating or bar area separating the two centres of activity. With home theatres popping up everywhere, it makes sense to keep the popcorn close to the widescreen TV, doesn't it?

For information on traditional kitchen design styles, click here

Modern Kitchen Design
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Kitchen Design Taunton
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Kitchen Islands
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