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If you are considering installing a new bathroom in your home it is vital that you make the new installation both practical and aesthetically pleasing. When fitting new bathroom features, such as shower enclosures, baths or bathroom furniture, you will be wanting to ensure that each part of your bathroom is meticulously planned out by ensuring there is enough space for each new feature alongside space in order to comfortably move around.

Firstly when planning your new bathroom you will need to work out the space you have available to use. After you have done this you need to look at the space required for each of the bathroom features you are wanting to install within the room. To do this you will need to look for the products you want and then check if they will all fit. Depending on the size of your bathroom you may need to make some concessions in order to get the best bathroom for you as often with features such as shower enclosures you will find that there is a range of different sizes and shapes, including square, rectangular and D-Shaped shower enclosures.

After you have considered the amount of room for the physical size of each part of your new bathroom you will need to think about leaving a space next to each part in order to use every feature with ease.

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If you are planning on installing a shower enclosure we think it is best to leave a space with the same width of the tray by 40cm. However depending on the room you have available in the shower may mean you want more space outside so we often advise an area of about 70cm; obviously if you are using a hinged shower door you need to make sure there is enough room for it to swing open.

When it comes to fitting new sinks generally you will want to install about 100cm by 70cm in front of the sink to allow you to use the area with simplicity. However if you having a cabinet under your sink you may want to leave additional room.

If you are planning on having a bath tub in your bathroom we advise to leave a space of about 70cm by 110cm next to the bath, allowing you to easily get in and out safely. Also when installing a toilet you will want to have a space in front of around 80cm by 60cm.

Obviously even though you need space next to each individual feature in your new bathroom there is no reason the spaces cannot cross over. Other things you may want to take into account is the space required for your bathroom door to swing open as well as where the current plumbing is, generally plumbing can be move but this will mean additional costs.

Things to remember:

Bathroom Designers Devon Leave a space in front of each bathroom feature
Devon Bathroom Designers Is your current plumbing in the right location?
Bathroom Design Devon Make sure there is room for your bathroom door to open.
Devon Bathroom Design Make sure to take into account vents and windows.




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