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Devon Flood Protection & Prevention
Devon Flood Protection & Prevention

Geodesign Barriers of Exeter, Devon offer a simple and effective solution to flooding.  Geodesign Barriers can look back on 10 years of successful flood fights since the start of 1995. Used widely throughtout Europe to great effect, it is designed to be used where more permanent defences are not economically viable or aesthetically pleasing.  Built specifically to follow any shift in angle and level, it offers a flexible alternative for any areas flood protection scheme.

Geodesign Barriers has a simple and robust design consisting of strong supports, made of galvanised high quality steel. Add aluminium sheets and cover the 45 degree angled barrier with reinforced plastic membrane. Due to the angle, the forces from the water make the barrier completely self-anchoring. No tools or ground work preparation needed - suitable for any ground.

This simple but effective technique is suitable for private properties as well as businesses or larger residential areas. The barrier can be erected in water if needed. Pumps are required to take care of any seepage from behind the barrier and any drains inside the barrier must be blocked to avoid water from coming through.

'The rule has been changed forever.  The old consesus that nothing can be done has been replaced by a knowledge that something can be done'                                              
                                                                                                          Shropshire Star in February 2004


Devon Flood Protection & Prevention

Property damage from future floods is inevitable, predictable and largely preventable. Global warming is causing a wide variety of climate changes and all experts agree we are going to experience more floods in more areas in the years to come. This is where Geodesign Barriers can help put your mind at rest.

Geodesign Barriers has been designed for flood rescue operations under the most difficult conditions imaginable.  It has also been used extensively for coffer damming in civil engineering work.  An increasing number of engineers, consultants and emergency planners have gained experience from the practical and effective barrier system.  We have a proven international record, with over 22km of barrier on the market and numerous references.

Geodesign Barriers, was the first freestanding barrier to win the conveted British Standards Institution BSI Kitemark, in May 2003.

For more information please visit our website or contact us via phone on 01392 876100 or email.

Devon Flood Protection & Prevention

Dam heights and flood pump

The standard dam heights in the barrier system are 0.65m, 1.25m, 1.50m, 1.80m and 2.40m. Also available as a container, complete with pumps.

The new, two man portable flood pump SHB 50 is developed especially for coping with flooding.  With a 6.5 hp petrol engine, it can pump 3,000 litres per minute which is extremely efficient and effective.

Case Study

Ironbridge Gorge (World Heritage Site) 5-10 Feb 2004 and

Worcester 6-11 Feb 2004In a never before seen co-operation between the Environment Agency, Local Authorities, the  local water company, the residential group and Geodesign Barriers Ltd, 550m of barrier (dam height of 1.25m and 1.80m) saved properties along the Wharfage and 300m (dam height 1.25m) kept the main road open and saved properties along Hylton Rd, Worcester.

AND - The same lengths was up again, in both places, on 10 Nov 2005.



Britt Warg UK Sales Manager
3 Fore Street

Tel: 01392 876100
Fax: 01392 874407
Mobile: 07890983239


Devon Flood Protection & Prevention
Devon Flood Protection & Prevention
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