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Garden Machinery Repair
Garden Machinery Repair Devon.

Added Value at Garden Kit
(July 2008)

Where should you buy your garden machinery? The best prices are usually found at the large retail outlets such as the ‘shed’ stores, but are they really the best value? What do you get for your money at these outlets?

The truth is that you hand over your money and come away with a very large and heavy cardboard box. You have almost certainly received no assistance with your choice, or advice on the right model.

You have to load an awkward box into your car and unload it at home, then assemble handlebars, grassboxes etc, as well as filling with fuel and oil and starting the machine for the first time. With a little luck it will work correctly, but they seldom do and most owners do not realise that it is not quite right and may well use a machine all season that is not working efficiently.


Devon Garden Machinery

If the machine does not work at all then a return visit to the store is needed for an exchange product, then the whole sequence starts again.

The most satisfactory solution is to make your purchase at an independent specialist dealer such as Garden Kit at Colaton Raleigh. Here, Barrie will offer sound advice on your purchase and the machine will be loaded into your car or delivered to your house fully assembled and tested. Should problems be encountered within the next 12 months or whatever the warranty period is, then a quick phone call to Barrie will ensure prompt attention with the minimum of inconvenience.

It is true that prices may be very slightly higher than the mass outlets but the added value of the personal, professional service will be worth much more than the monetary difference.

Garden Machinery Repair
Garden Machinery Repair Devon.

Service, Advice and an Excellent Price
(June 2008)

East Devon is a wonderful place to live, with idyllic rural locations only a stones throw from the major city of Exeter with its fantastic choice of shops.
If you want to buy a new car then Marsh Barton probably has the widest choice in Europe. But what if you want a new lawn mower or garden tractor? The choice is much more limited, with most of the business being handled by two large suppliers.

There is however a real alternative to be found tucked away in the quiet village of Colaton Raleigh. Here, in the Old Sawmills Business Park you will find Garden Kit Ltd, a small family business who pride themselves in offering a wide choice of  top quality machinery along with a friendly, personal service.

Brand names such as Hayter and ALKO are stocked but the greatest emphasis is on the John Deere brand.



Devon Garden Machinery

Those keen golf players amongst you will have seen John Deere machines on local courses and realise that their quality is second to none.

You may think that such quality only comes at a price but this is where you will be wrong. If you compare prices and specifications of other machinery available locally you will find that John Deere is in fact very competitive in price, and in many ways superior in quality to other machines.

The owner of the business, Barrie Whittock says “ I did my training as an agricultural engineer. In that market we had to have machinery that performed well and stayed together. Sadly, much of the garden machinery available does not meet my standards, so I ensure that I only sell machinery that does impress me. If any machines I sell prove to be below my standards then I will drop that model from my range and find an alternative. This does not mean that I only sell expensive machinery, it is quite possible to find lower cost goods of adequate quality but I have to choose carefully.”

Garden Machinery Repair

Garden Machinery Repair Devon.

Summer is Coming
(May 2008)

Summer in the garden is one of the best times for the keen gardener. Hot and humid days followed by a warm, light evening is the perfect opportunity to get out there and sort out what you’ve left over the past few months.

The garden at this time of year is the ideal place for family time and entertainment, from garden parties to barbecues. So we at Garden Kit are here to help you with all those overgrown hedges and long lawns that are due to grow even more rapidly in the next few weeks.

Based at Colaton Raleigh we stock a range of machines and equipment from the simple shear to the larger Ride On Mower.



Devon Garden Machinery

Hedgecutters, or even Long Reach Hedgecutters which enable hedges up to 12 feet high to be tackled with your feet firmly on the ground.

We also stock Shredders to shred the trimmings and Blower Vacs to tidy up the leaves.  If you are in need of a Lawn Mower to keep the lawn nicely mowed then we have something in stock for everyone, so why not pay us a visit to discuss your needs or phone for details.

If you have an existing machine that is slightly worse for wear then we can help you too! Service and repair work is available for all petrol machines.

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