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Are you ready for the summer?
With summer coming you are probably looking for additional space to use for entertaining, so why not consider a summerhouse. A range of summerhouses are available, so you can find one that looks great in your garden, with either a traditional or contemporary design to combine style with practicality.

A summerhouse will allow you to make the most of the summer weather and allows you to enjoy your garden with the option of moving out of the hot sun. This is an especially important factor for families with children. Getting the children out into the fresh air, knowing that they won't be sunburnt when they come in for dinner.

Summerhouses make wonderful additions to any garden that can be used not only for entertaining and a childrens play area, but somewhere for you to sit back and relax, enjoying your garden. Certainly a summerhouse can be very versatile and you don’t need to restrict yourself to using it just during the day time.

  Fitting an electrical supply can be a simple task and make your summerhouse into a wonderful and useful space at any time of day or night. Adding a summerhouse to your garden can create a great feature for family and guests. With the range of style and sizes you can find a summerhouse that will be perfect for both your garden and your needs.

C P Sheds offer an excellent range of summerhouses as well as sheds and timber workshops. Not only will they supply the perfect summerhouse, but can create a bespoke design just for you. They also offer delivery and will erect the building for you included in the price (as long as there is reasonable access to the site).

CP Sheds of Christow manufacture and install a wide range of traditional and tanalised wooden structures, from 'off the peg' sheds and summerhouses, to bespoke timber buildings such as kennels, home offices, and garages. [CP Sheds of Devon].

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Garden Sheds and Summerhouses are extremely popular throughout the local Devon area and can be used for a variety of different things.

There are various types of buildings that you can buy to put in your garden including sheds and summerhouses.
Garden sheds and summerhouses are typically made of wood.

Wooden summerhouses and sheds come in a large variety of shapes, designs and sizes, and can be used as an office, a workshop or a play house depending upon the design. It is easy to attach additional shelves and hooks to wooden shed walls for additional storage.  Some summerhouses have opening windows and skylights for ventilation - which you will need if you are going to spend any length of time in the garden building.

A Summerhouse is a place that can create a relaxing atmosphere on your doorstep where you can enjoy the beautiful Devon countryside and escape from the hassles of everyday life.

Summerhouses are designed throughout Devon and the local area for minimum maintenance and maximum impact.  

Both sheds and summerhouses are designed around an outdoor life, eating and entertaining in the garden where u can spend most of your time in the fresh air.

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