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Devon Garden Workshops
Devon Garden Workshops
Summer houses, Studios, Home Offices, Commercial Timber Buildings
Newton Abbot, Devon
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Devon Garden Workshops

Devon garden workshop and timber specialists Payne give ideas on how to create the perfect outdoor space.

Have you got more children than bedrooms? or do you desperately need a home office? One solution is to put a room in your garden,. this saves you the stress, hassle and expense of moving house and will also increase the value of your property.
A garden room is as easy and as cost effective as an attic conversion. Unlike an attic conversion, it's clean to construct and the independence you and your family gain from having a room on its own is priceless.

Payne Timber are a supplier of a wide range of cabins which can be used for a variety of diferent things; from home offices to summer houses or even affordable housing, we guarantee that will have something to suit. Typical uses include; summerhouses, cabins, chalets, garages, home offices, workshops, receptions, information centres, gymnasiums, sauna rooms …… the options are endless.

Having a Home Office can revolutionise the way that you as a professional can work from home and has many advantages as it solves the problem of having to sacrifice home space for a study.
It also means that when you are working you can avoid family interruptions and maintains a professional space outside the home, enabling you to just close the door at the end of your working day.

Furthermore if you manage your own business or you are planning to start up on your own. This is a perfect way of getting your own office space within in walking distance from your home.

What will you save from having a home office?

Time spent commuting: You will waste no more time commuting to work as work is right on your door stop!
Travel expenses: There is no need to run your car sitting in traffic for 3 hours a day and also there will be no more parking costs either. Also just think, you will be doing your bit for the environment by spending less tim on the road.
Office Rent No more large overheads for office rent etc.


There's nothing worse than a cold office and sitting at your desk. The best option to keep your office at a comfortable temperature that allows you to remain productive for as long as you want is an LPG portable heater. These are inexpensive to both buy and to fuel with the added convenience of direct to your door deliveries.
Portable LPG heaters fit neatly into any standard office and become almost part of your office furniture. Even better, because they are portable you have a ready made source of warmth for any other room in your house if needed.

With a wide range of portable heaters to choose from ranging from cost effective, with elegant and stylish models now on offer you will be able to find the right portable heater for your home office.

Payne can build a custom made garden room in any size, which can provide you with both a secure and comfortable home office that is seperate from your house.

To find out more about our products that are available from Payne visit our website by clicking on our logo above.

Devon Garden Workshops
Garden Workshops Devon
Devon Workshops Garden
Garden Workshosp Devon
Devon Garden Workshops



If you spend hours working away in a dark cellar or spare room, where you are surrounded by clutter, water heaters and paperwork, you may want to look into buying a garden workshop. Whether you repair broken appliances or use your workshop to build fine furniture, you will be able to look out at your gardens and enjoy the view while you work.

Garden Workshops are larger constructions sthan storage sheds and usually better constructed. In fact, many sturdy garden workshops, avaialable throughout Devon, are so well made that they are nice enough to be used as outdoor living rooms or game rooms. Working windows, wooden floors, and easy to open Dutch doors are common features on these outdoor garden buildings.

When you buy a garden workshop, you are best off visiting a Garden Workshop supplier who will be able to help advise you on the best choice for your needs. With one of our garden workshop experts, you will receive a workshop of high quality and are hand built locally in Devon to your preferences. They also offer a wide varierty of other outdoor buildings all manufactured from high quality, dried wood.

An important factor to consider when you buy a garden workshops is that it's location meets local building codes and reglaltions. Garden workshops can be rather large constructions and you don't want to have to try to move your workshop again after it is in place.

Whether you have someone build your workshop or buy one that is already built, you may want to consider a few modifications. If you add electricity and water to the building, you can really expand the workshop's usefulness. Choosing to have working windows is a great idea as these will allow you much more light and aire circulation to run through the workshop. Another suggestion is to have built in shelves and a custom workbench added as this can really add to the building's usefulness.

Once your garden workshop is complete, you can finally enjoy your surroundings as you make repairs and create new projects, in the comfort of your own garden.

Workshop Devon
Devon Workshop Construction
Workshop Construction

Garden Workshops Devon
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