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Protecting your home
Glen King explains how the Advanced Protection System is something no home should be without.
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With the development of cheap home computing many companies have produced a diverse range of security products either connecting into existing home computer packages or incorporating a bespoke central unit. These are able to connect into a wide variety of device from door alarms to active-sensor activated CCTV systems.

While none of these devices is new, never before have they been available for the average home or small business. The pace of technological development means that state-of-the-art systems can now be available to anyone. Gone are the days of fuzzy, dim CCTV images, banks of video recorders capturing security footage and accompanying store room of cassettes or tempermental alarm systems going off at false alarms all night long.

Now your entire security system can be reliably left in the hands of computers. Self activating security cameras only record when they detect movement. Active sensors can trigger alarms or cameras and are more accurate and trustworthy than passive systems. Colour cameras with pan/tilt capabilities allow you keep wider areas of your perimetre under surveillance. 24 hours worth of clear footage from CCTVs camera can be stored on a hard disk and then selectively archived to disk. Meaning months worth of CCTV archive footage on a single shelf. IR lamps and floodlights allow the camera to record in total darkness.

Central systems allow your security devices to connect your to computer or television. Knock at the door? See who it is from your armchair with a click of your remote. Intruder or fire alarm activates while you're out? Have a message sent directly to your mobile phone and the police / fire brigade notified immediately and automatically.

Devon Home Security Home Security Devon
Master Locksmith & Security Specialists

Home Security Installation Devon

Security Specialists throughout Devon offer helpful advice on how your garden appearance can influence thieves and also how to protect your garages from break-ins.

Landscaping can be an important part of a good home security plan in Devon and any other part of the country. Burglars will usually choose a house with tall shrubs and trees that provide hiding places. Homes with little or no outdoor lighting are preferred targets as well, as it means they will be less seen.

So, how can you landscape to protect against intruders while still creating an aesthetically pleasing garden? Here are a few tips:

Keep any trees well trimmed back from your house as it will open up the house entrance and deter thieves. Tree branches can be used as a ladder if they are next to a window or skylight so you must be careful that thieves do not gain access this way.

Next, mow your lawn regularly; an unkempt lawn can suggest that you are away on a trip or holiday and make your home more of a target.

Store ladders, picnic tables and other garden furniture out of sight as they can also be used as a means to reach high windows and subsequently gain access to your home.

Trim back shrubs growing near doors and walkways, keeping them 3 feet or shorter in height. Also, don't allow shrubs to block any of your windows.

Adding gravel under windows makes for noisy footing for would-be intruders.

Consider planting thorny bushes (of the low growing variety) around windows. These will deter any thieves as no is likely to want to fall in a prickle bush!

Keep your garden well lit. Motion-detecting lights make decent choices; body heat-triggered sensors are even better (less likely to be triggered by a waving branch or a passing animal). Both are widely available throughout the local Devon area.

Dogs can make good home protectors because they have keener hearing than humans, along with a propensity for barking at strangers. Dog training can help your dog learn exactly what you want him to do.

Protecting your garages

Is your garage protected from burglars? Garages are a favourite target for burglars because they contain such valuables as cars, bicycles, and tools that are easy to take. Also, garages are not likely to be occupied at night, so they make an enticing target. Once in the garage, it's easy for burglars to access the rest of the house, especially if there is a connecting doorway. If you have a door that leads from the garage into the house, make sure it is as secure as your front or rear door. A simple method of securing up and over garage doors from the inside is to drill a hole in the top channel above the wheels and insert a padlock into the hole. This prevents the wheel moving above the padlock and stops the door lifting even if it is being forced open.

For these reasons, it's important to secure your garage.

Start with your garage door opener. In general, it makes garage doors difficult to force open, but if you never changed the electronic combination from the factory setting, it might not be as secure as you think.

Also check the garage door itself. Make sure it is solid without loose panels or damaged corners that could make it easy for someone to pry their way in.

You'll want to similarly check any windows or entry doors to ensure they are secure. Make sure any windows are fitted with locks and doors should either be lockable or secured by padlocks.

Once you have done these things, apply common-sense in your day-to-day garage use. Don't leave windows and doors unsecured. Don't leave the garage door open, even if you're just driving down to the local shops. It only takes a moment for someone to run in and make off with your belongings. Also, an open garage door gives anybody walking or driving by a clear view into the interior, showing off any valuables you might have.

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Article courtesy of JFS Secuity, Exeter, Devon
Devon Home Security Home Security Devon


By Glen King


It is estimated that in the UK, a domestic burglary takes place every four minutes!  And 64% of businesses have experienced at least one crime over the past year.   I recently read a story in the Exeter local paper, Express & Echo about an 80 year old who was seriously injured in an unprovoked attack on her own door step, at 7.30 pm on a Tuesday evening and what was even more shocking – it was in the quiet town of Budleigh Salterton in Devon!  In the same week the paper ran another piece about a knife attack at 9.30 in the morning on a member of staff who was working alone in a shop in the Newtown area of Exeter.  These types of crime are, unfortunately, a symptom of our modern day society and often alcohol and drugs related.  For the average, honest, upstanding citizen such as you and I, it is difficult to get into the mindset of someone who is so desperate for their next fix, that they have no morals or rationale and as a result, will get money by any means to pay for their addiction.  So what can we do to keep ourselves safe? 


Local businessman Paul Bardey recently launched APS (Advanced Protection Systems) in the South West and showed me his ‘crime file” packed with local stories of fires, burglaries and attacks in both the home and workplace. 

“I am passionate about this product and genuinely feel that no home or business should be without it,” said Paul fervently.  He went on to explain that having APS installed is like having immediate response from the police, the fire service and the paramedics all in one box, accessed via two-way voice communication built into the unit.


“It is so much more than just an alarm system.  It gives immediate response to a break in, fire or request for assistance, giving 24 hour protection, 365 days a year, whether you are there or not!” Explained Paul. 

Activated by the simple pressing of a discrete button, the APS system puts you in instant communication with a Personal Incident Manager based at the company’s registered Monitoring Centre, who will evaluate any situation, offer help or guidance – or alert the emergency services on your behalf.  This will instigate immediate response as the emergency services treat all alerts from the Monitoring Centre as verified incidents so attendance is prioritised.  The centre will only listen in when the alarm has been triggered or you press the assistance request button, and all this is 24/7 365 days a year.  With APS there are no false alarms!  In the event of an alarm or the assistance button being pressed, the centre will ask if you are OK and if it is only that your dinner has burned, you can terminate the call by using your own personal password.  Are you concerned that your property may burn down while you’re not around?  With APS installed you never have to worry as the smoke will activate the alarm and the Centre will monitor the situation, immediately calling the fire brigade on your behalf if they deem this necessary.

If you already have an alarm installed you may ask ‘why do I need APS?’  This is so much more than just an alarm system, and how blasé have we become whenever we hear an alarm?  Whether from a car, house or business premises, we rarely take notice.   If your alarm is activated, are you totally confidant that the Police will turn up, let alone in time?    The police now need every incident to be verified before they will attend, so more than 90% of burglar alarms are ignored.   Unlike most alarm systems, APS is pet friendly and is only activated by someone forcing an entry through windows or doors, so you can set it at night and sleep easy in your bed.

Not only for crime, APS is designed to enhance safety.  With elderly relatives a constant worry, particularly when they do not live close by, what happens if they fall ill and are not able to get urgent medical assistance?  With the Assistance Request Button being no bigger than a key ring, your loved ones can carry it with them at all times and have that human contact. A typical scenario would be that they are in bed and do not feel well and are unable to reach a telephone.  At the press of a button, they can contact the centre and ask the Personal Incident Manager to telephone you to pass on a message or to get in touch………… or what if they feel threatened by a stranger at the door? They can activate the monitor and ask the centre to listen in.  Amazingly the microphone is so sensitive that you do not have to be close to it for it to pick up sounds.  You can rest easy knowing that they are never alone when they need help or assistance, giving complete peace of mind for all.

The APS system is very cost effective and far cheaper than the average alarm system with so much more to offer.  Simple and easy to install, taking less than an hour, there is no need to re-decorate.   Just a small investment and 1 hour of your time could be life saving!


For a free DVD presented by Pauline Quirke – or to arrange a 15-minute no-obligation demonstration of how the system can protect you and your property - call Paul who covers the whole of the South West.  To be eligible for a free 1-month trial period without obligation – just mention Bradleys Home Guide to Paul when you call.

For peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones - contact:

Paul Bardey

Advanced Protection Systems

T: 0845 450 3555
M: 07973  302791

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