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Devon Wood Burning Stoves
Devon Stoves Dawlish

Dawlish Stoves, supplier and fitter of wood burning and multi fuel stoves. We offer our service across Dawlish, Exeter, Newton Abbot, as well as Dartmoor and the South Hams. We offer the complete woodburner package, from supplying the ideal stove to installing the perfect flue. We also offer a maintenance service for your stove.

With the wildly fluctuating prices of fossil fuels in recent years, it is little wonder that wood burning has undergone a renaissance. The cheif advantages with wood burning stoves come from the fuel, these are:

  • Carbon neutral - wood from properly managed sources (which covers the vast majority fo the UK supply), releases no more carbon into the atmosphere than it would if the wood were simply left to rot. Using a stove reduces all pollutants released by the fuel as it is burned much hotter than in an open fire, this 'secondary burn' consumes much of the pollution and means you use less fuel to get the same heat. This process reduces the release of particulate carbon.
  • The UK produces a large quantity eco-friendly firewood, wood-pellets and other wood based fuels, meaning transport costs (both economic and environmental) are reduced.
  • Price per kW - for wood is less even than gas. The only issue you may find is storing your wood. Especially if you intend to use your wood burning stove as the primary source of heat for your home throughout the winter.
Dawlish Stove Supplier

Visit our website to view a selection of our extensive range of woodburning stoves, as well as more details regarding our flue design and fitting service.

Whether you want a stove to improve your home's character or reduce your carbon footprint, our experts in woodburning stoves can guide you in choosing the perfect stove for your home.

Many owners of holiday homes in Devon adore the rural character of a woodburning stove. Not to mention the convenience of not having to be on the gas mains for heating.



1 Gulliford Bungalow,
  Tel: 01626 864159
Mob: 0773 4407 503
Devon Wood Burning Stoves

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