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Pest Control in Exeter

Most people consider rats to be a nuisance that humanity has been putting up with since long before anyone ever set foot in Britain. But the fact is that most of the rats you'll ever encounter are part of a species that are newer invader to these isles than the Normans.

Regardless of how long they have been here, wild rats are a troublesome species. Aside from leaving a trail of urine everywhere they go, they spread diseases (up to and including bubonic plague and Weil's Disease). They can also be fiercely aggressive when cornered, despite how shy and reclusive they may seem when confronted.

Rats have also earned a reputation for being cunning, but being able to figure out how to get into your kitchen to get at your food isn't the only reason that scientists send them through mazes. Rats are quick and agile and can climb through small holes and up drainpipes. So if one wants to get into your home, they will find a way.


Rats ExmouthSpeak to your local pest control expert to find out how best to deal with rats and other pests.

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