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Pest Control in Exmouth

Part of what makes Exmouth a haven for pests is the fact that, like with most of Devon, there is farmland common-land, and forests within shouting distance. Pests such as rats, mice, moles, and countless species of insect find it a short travel from their previous homes to your home.

The fact that it is a busy seaside town means that there are tourists, where there are tourists there is rubbish, discarded chips and ice creams, and even poorly guarded picnic hampers on Exmouth beach. This means that during the summer there are pests aplenty, who then need somewhere to live during the winter.

And of course, being a seaside town attracts its own particular brand of pest, seagulls. While not exclusive to coastal areas these days, they are still mostly found in places like Exmouth. Gulls are a nuisance, especially during the breeding season when they become highly agressive towards anyone approching their nests.


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Pest Control Exmouth, Devon
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