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East Devon Kitchen Design
Supply & Fit of High
Quality Low Priced Kitchens
Exmouth, Devon
Tel: 01395 567280
Sidmouth Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design East Devon

Tel. 01297 680396
Exmouth Kitchen Design
Tel. 01392 263898
Kitchen Design East Devon
Devon Kitchen Design
Specialists in Design and Manufacture of Handmade Kitchens
Buckfastleigh Devon
01364 642559
East devon Kitchen design
KItchen Design, Bathroom Supply & Installation
Plymouth, Devon
Tel. 01752 551 259
Fax. 01752 551 280

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East Devon
Kitchen Designers

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Devon Kitchen Design

East Devon Kitchen Designers give some useful advice on good kitchen design in the home.

Good kitchen design starts early, even as early as locating the room within your house. If you're lucky enough to be able to choose which direction your kitchen will face, consider orienting it toward the east or southeast, where morning sun will fill it with light. Unfortunately most homeowners do not have a choice in the matter.

If this simply can't be done, orienting the kitchen to the south or southwest is a good choice. If you go this route, provide some means of shading the room from the hot summer sun, such as deciduous trees or shrubs, awnings or overhangs above windows or even with good window blinds. All these factors can make the difference.

Once you have the kitchen oriented, you should consider the amount of traffic your kitchen will receive.

  • A house is not an island; it requires frequent contact with the outside world, much of which is accomplished by car. An attached garage closely adjoining the kitchen or a back door opening on the driveway can reduce the burden of carrying groceries in and the trash out.
  • A small utility room can reduce kitchen traffic by acting as a staging area for trips into and out of the house. It offers a break from cold air, storage space for coats, hats and boots and shelves for items you won't be using immediately. Taking all this activity out of the kitchen provides more room for cooking and eating, which are, after all, a kitchen's main events.

    These are just a few things to consider when choosing the layout of your kitchen. Contact any of the Kitchen Designers in East Devon for more information.

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East Devon Kitchen Designer
Tel/Fax   01404 861271
or   01404 46200
East Devon • Kitchen Design • Fitted Kitchen • Accessories • Installation • Kitchen Worktop • Kitchen Unit • Appliances • Specialists • Suppliers • Corgi • Bespoke Kitchens • Custom Design Kitchens • Kitchen Cabinet

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East Devon Kitchen Design
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