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Exeter Kitchen Design  
Back to Nature.
If you’re searching for a new kitchen or bedroom this summer, you’re sure to have noticed a trend for warm wood grains and earthy tones. Read this article...
Exeter Kitchens  

Kitchens designed for living at Bradbury’s.
Designers at Bradbury’s in Exeter are blurring the boundaries between cooking and living areas with some stunning concepts from ALNO, Germany’s leading fitted kitchen manufacturer.
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Exeter Kitchens

Exeter Kitchen suppliers, Bradbury's offer modern German design and technology for your kitchen and bedroom, below are some helpful hints and tips for your kitchen.

How to keep create clutter free kitchen worktops.

Busy worktops making your kitchen look untidy?  Need more preparation space? 

If so, here are a number of innovative options to keep your worktops clutter free and keep your kitchen looking tidy day after day. 

  • Roller shutter cupboards are a great idea for cooks looking for plenty of preparation space. The ALNO version, inset into the wall, allows you to hide bulky appliances but still ensures your items are close to hand when you need them.  You can choose from stylish aluminium or frosted glass shutters to suit the look of your kitchen. 

  • For smaller items such as knife blocks, utensils and spices, multifunctional units enable you to organise everything in one place.  ALNO’s inventive “Safelift” systems are incorporated behind wall units.   Pull it down to reveal the contents, push up to hide them away after use.  Such devices keep things neat, but more importantly keep sharp objects out of sight from tiny hands. 

  • An island unit is the perfect choice for a breakfast bar or informal dining area, but will also provide you with a beautiful open space in which to prepare food or just read the papers with a coffee.  Large, deep drawers can be positioned within the island, giving an impressive amount of storage space, which leaves the worktop clutter free.

  • Extra deep, extra high or extra wide units also create additional space to store everyday items.  Consider functional interior fittings to help keep things tidy.  If it’s tidy, you can fit more in!

  • If you enjoy watching the television or following a recipe direct from the internet, why not incorporate the screen into your kitchen cupboard door!  ALNO’s futuristic design features a 17-inch flat screen within its glass or mirrored cupboard door.  It is so slim it fits neatly inside the door, leaving the whole of the cupboard space untouched.

How to maximise storage in a small space.

Storage space in a small kitchen is a common problem, but you can fit in what you need with some careful planning and installing some indispensable space saving devices.

  • Make the most of your corners by incorporating carousel units which will use space that would otherwise be wasted.  ALNO’s Magic Corner for base and wall units is an extremely clever mechanism which allows every last corner of space to be used, opening up 38% more storage space than a standard cupboard. 

  • Keeping things in order encourages a much more efficient use of space.  ALNO’s side units offer a practical and convenient system for storing food.  Shelves are fitted to the inside of the door, whilst the internal shelves slide forward when the door is open to allow easy access to day-to-day items.

  • End shelf units can provide much needed storage.  ALNO’s new framework system, made from anodised aluminium, acts as a great display cabinet and additional work surface, whilst taking care of your storage worries. 

  • Deep drawers are an increasingly popular alternative for adding essential storage and freeing up worktop space.  ALNO offer drawers in depths of 45, 60 and 75cm, which can provide up to 27% more storage space.

  • Increasing the height of your work surfaces allows for taller base units, in turn more storage space.  ALNO offers two heights: 650mm and 780mm, the latter provides 20% extra space. 

  • Another good tip for organising storage is to ‘store it where you use it’ when it comes to deciding what goes in which cupboard.  Having saucepans stored next to the oven or cups above the kettle all helps.

How to create the perfect space for entertaining.

Creating the perfect entertaining space is increasingly popular as the kitchen continues to be the hub of the home.

  • If you love to entertain but don’t enjoy being shut away from your guests as you cook, don’t be afraid to take down the walls. An open-plan kitchen-diner or kitchen-living-dining space is the perfect choice; not only are they supremely practical but they make the interior of your home seem much more spacious and inviting than a series of small rooms. 

  • Island units offer an ideal informal eating area for a light lunch with friends or a spot of afternoon tea.  They also provide a large preparation space, just add a few stools and it becomes a place for guests to sit and chat to the chef.  
  • Inject some glamour into your kitchen for those evening dinner parties with ALNO’s “LIBERO corner” units.  Satinated glass doors and coloured lighting create a great party atmosphere and make a fantastic end to a run of units.

To find out more please visit Bradbury’s new website or visit Bradbury’s flagship showroom in Matford Park, Exeter where new kitchen and bedroom ranges have recently been installed, along with the latest innovations in worktops, appliance and accessories. 


Denbury Court,
Matford Park,

Telephone: 01392 825940

Exeter Kitchens


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Exeter Kitchen Designers give some useful advice on choosing a design that suits you and your needs.

There are many things you need to consider when redesigning your kitchen.
Firstly, you will need to consider whether the kitchen design will be in keeping with your existing house design as traditional styles may not suit a modern looking house and vice versa.  Choosing a suitable colour is also important as the design needs to keep in line with your original decor unless you decide to redecorate.  Always remember though- a darker cabinet finish may need increased lighting and as a result should be contrasted with a lighter floor or worktops.

Secondly, work out how much time you will have to clean and maintain your new kitchen.  If like most families, time is also precious, you should choose a plain design that can be easily wiped clean such as a PVC edged laminate design as opposed to a panelled door.  Also give some thought to any children or pets and the potential traffic in the kitchen as you will need to opt for a hard wearing exterior to avoid any damage and unneccessary costs.

Overall the design of your kitchen is totally down to the individual and although there are no rights or wrongs it is usually suggested to use modern designs for contemporary doors and stay with traditional designs for classic style fascias.

Over the years there has been a great increase in the choice of worksurfaces and countertops available to buy. Primarily, cost is a key factor in determining your choice of worktop usually alongside practicality and appearance.  Laminates still remain very popular but many are considering other options such as natural stones; granite, limestone and slate for instance and other alternatives like stainless steel, acrylics and glass.

The typical laminate countertops for kitchen cabinets now are up to 400% more durable than they were just ten years ago. They are more resistant to scratching scuffing and burning. They also come in a huge variety of colours, textures and patterns and finishes.

Stone kitchen cabinets countertops usually are the most expensive but most durable. Nothing says wealth and class like stone or marble on your kitchen cabinets. The most important aspect of stone is the installation and finishing. Click here to view Devon Stone Specialists.

If you are in need of a quality kitchen designer to help with your kitchen design, we have numerous kitchen designers to help you make the right choices........

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Devon Kitchen Design

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