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Kitchen design Devon
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Devon Kitchen Design
Devon Kitchen Design
Devon Kitchen Design
The ethos of this design is to draw inspiration from natural surroundings and to install environmentally conscious systems into the home. Local suppliers were used to save on transport pollution and to show support for the neighbouring communities.
The passion that most people have for the countryside is evident in most Cornish homes.

Most have rooms with large windows. This has been created as a clever design to allow the inhabitants to drink in the scenery that surrounds the property and this means natural light can flood in to the building. To save energy under floor heating had been installed and powered by geothermal energy.

Solar panels are used to heat the property's water. Interiors of this house were to emphasise on comfort as well as creating lots of space to host big family and friend's parties. This house has 6 spacious bedrooms most with luxury en suites with high-tech media systems that are installed throughout the house.

The kitchen diner has been placed on the top floor, with a luxurious seating area beyond, furnished with luscious cream leather sofas. The matt lava–grey cabinetry and Concrete Island are solid and sculptural, so this helps to echo the surrounding landscape. The units have been built to an almost industrial standard, this helps to make them withstand high traffic within the kitchen.

This kitchens spacious area makes it a great area for having dinner parties. The kitchen holds a large walk-in fridge and two dishwashers, plus a good sized range for cooking those difficult meals.

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25 Beautiful Homes Magazine, June 2012 Issue.


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Kitchen Worktops Devon

Choosing a Kitchen design can be a stressful event, but it shouldn't be. The vast amount of designs and styles available can be daunting, but with such choice, with the right decisions, you can end up with the kitchen of your dreams, suited and styled to your tastes.

The best angle to start your kitchen design journey is to decide on which style you would like to choose for your home. This can be as simple as a contemporary design, to a modern style, or can evolve into such styles as Country, Rustic, Tuscan, Victorian or Art deco. Simply browse the web and find the right style for you. The choice is all yours!

Kitchen Design Exeter Kitchen Design Plymouth
Modern Contemporary

The general styles involve three styling options, Modern, Contemporary and Classic/Country. These styles can either vary massively in look and feel, or can blend together to create a practical kitchen with brief styling cues of either modern or classic design.

If you still can't find a look that suits all your needs, it is best to contact a local kitchen designer. Do not compromise on your kitchen ideas, as they can be acheived with very little hassle with the right designer.

Kitchen Design Newton Abbot Kitchen Design Honiton
Classic / Victorian Tuscan
Want to learn more about Kitchen Design?
Any kitchen can be transformed by a well chosen kitchen worktop. Styles can vary to suit any kitchen design and with many different materials available, including wood, granite, composite and laminate, it is possible to find a great looking worktop whilst being practical for day to day use.
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Kitchen Hunting Devon


It is a hunt to find the right kitchen. I began my own hunt a few weeks ago and after a lifetime in the kitchen business it was a real eye opener to see my own clients in action at the work they love best.

We started by choosing a flooring and our choices led us ultimately to showrooms.

Strangely it was not price which guided our choice and in a world fixated on deals and bargains it was somewhat refreshing to be purchasing based on what I could see and recommendation. My recommendation came from the flooring company fitter. They know there showrooms and guided me to Mandarin Stone where I was truly amazed and stunned.

The breadth of floors to choose from was both breath taking and exciting. But from one who adores shopping, having a complete vast range to choose from was exciting and it made the task to find the perfect floor for my new kitchen, that much easier.

Devon Kitchen Design

Devon Kitchen Design- Kitchens of the Future Part 1

Devon Kitchen Designers give a detailed description on the future of kitchens in Devon and the rest of the UK. Most of what a kitchen is has to do with storage. Over the last fifty to seventy five years it is storage that has really changed the most. Consider that the refrigerator has evolved from the lowly icebox and that our shopping has evolved from daily to weekly or even biweekly, and you will get the picture.

Cooking hasn't really changed in the general sense but in terms of the microwave, defrosting and warming up leftovers has certainly advanced. Some may use the microwave to cook enture meals but this is only a relatively small percentage. Also, if you consider the Aga oven, it may seem like time has stood still for decades as far as cooking is concerned.

This article will consider all areas of the kitchen of the future and will also illustrate some of the dreams of the future from past generations.

It will a lso be possible to take a look at trends in the way food is transported into the home, as well as the types of food that is consumed.

What does all of this have to do with Kitchen Design in Devon? Well, a kitchen is, in it's simplest form, a room where food is prepared. In it's most elegant form, it is the centre of the home, the command centre where all action in the modern family is planned. The way food is prepared and the way in which it is stored combine to give the designer a basis on which to plan his design.

What do you think the kitchen of the future will resemble? Will it be a molecular re- assembler like something from Star Trek, where a cheeseburger is 'created' from chemicals and elements stored in a computer? Or will it be a simpler or more complicated version of what we have today? There have been many innovations that have come and gone in the past.

As we work our way through the second millennium, it might be nice to take stock of where we are headed in the area of the kitchen. Read on to find out more information about Devon Kitchen Design here, now and in the future. For more information on the future of Kitchen Design see the article below.

Modern Kitchen Design
Devon Modern Kitchen
Devon Kitchen Design
Kitchens Design Devon



Devon Kitchen Design- Kitchens of the Future Part 2

Devon Kitchen Designers follow on their discussion about how kitchen design will change in the future.

Most of the changes in future kitchens might be in the way the room is used to store and prepare food. In time it might be more like a business, lean and mean and economical, as people's time becomes increasingly short.

Foods may be brought into the home via delivery services, there are many in Devon that are Internet based. The technology is present now that would allow replenishment of only the products needed based on what materials are used up.

Scanning devices, similar to the supermarket kind could be put into the counter top and an electronic record would be compiled as every meal is prepared. This is a very straightforward and common sense application of current computer technology but it hasn't been implemented yet. Even if the technology was used to print up a simple shopping list, thus relieving one of the time that this takes, would be a huge leap forward.

Cooking, for the most part, is still done on stove tops and inside ovens. The microwave is probably the last new appliance in the preceding century and it hasn't really changed all that much from it's humble beginnings in the seventies.

The curious thing is that today, many people are looking back to old fashioned stoves from the fifties. Why doesn't a manufacturer of new ranges simply redesign a line of appliances to mimic the fifties style yet provide owners with all the amenities of a modern unit?

As far as future kitchen architecture goes, there seems to be a move towards making the kitchen the social centre of the household. This has been going on for sometime, so it isn't really new but if you are redesigning your kitchen, consider making it the focal point of your home.

The living room used to be the focal point, but who really uses a living room now, or even has one? Haven't we moved towards the family room for entertaining guests? A slight change would make the kitchen and the family room all one big area.

There are many lovely galley kitchens which coexist beautifully with family rooms, with a raised eating or bar area separating the two centres of activity. With home theatres popping up everywhere, it makes sense to keep the popcorn close to the widescreen TV, doesn't it?

For information on traditional kitchen design styles, click here

Modern Kitchen Design
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Kitchen Design Devon
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Kitchen & Cabinet Design
How many people are in your household who use the kitchen? The answer to this question will determine how much use your kitchen cabinets get, and how much traffic there is likely to be in the kitchen at any one time.
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Kitchens are getting bigger. So are kitchen islands. Even as family sizes decrease, the popularity of beautiful kitchens, designer cabinets, and custom appliances is on the rise.
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